How to change my zenith bank alert number online

Looking for how to change my zenith bank alert number online?

Look no further as I have the answer for what you’re looking for, the best way to change your mobile phone number linked to your zenith bank account without going to the bank.

I love the fact that zenith bank have made a good provision for their customers to update your KYC bank information without visiting the bank, and you can do that using the zenith bank mobile app and the internet banking.

Let me repeat this again.

How to change my zenith bank alert number online involves the use of the bank mobile app or the internet banking. So if you have not enrolled for zenith bank mobile app or the internet banking, you better do that right now before you can proceed with changing your mobile phone number online.

How to change my zenith bank alert number online

Incase you have not registered for zenith bank mobile banking, here’s how you can register your account for the zenith bank mobile banking using the app.

If you prefer to use the zenith bank internet banking for this guide, no problem here’s how you can register for zenith bank internet banking. Remember, you will have to complete the process in the bank and get your token.

Requirements to change my zenith bank alert number online

how to change my zenith bank alert number online

  1. Active bank account
  2. Your new mobile number
  3. Bank mobile app or an internet banking account
  4. A hardware token to generate a token

Now let me clear this up, you cannot change your zenith bank phone number without the use of a token, cause it requires both the token and a pin. To generate a token, you need to have a hardware token, and it cost N3500 the last time I checked and you will get that right inside the bank.

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If you have those requirements ready now let’s proceed with the question of how to change my zenith bank alert number online.

1. Using the bank mobile app

Open the zenith bank mobile app on your mobile and sign in to your account using your login pin. Tap on the hamburger menu (the three line option menu), and tap on settings.

Now scroll down and you will see where it states update account information just like on the picture below.

how to change my zenith bank alert number online

On clicking on the update account information, enter your email address and your new phone number and tap on the confirm button.

Quickly generate a token from your hardware token and enter it along with your mobile app transaction pin. First you need to enter your transaction pin and the token pin and that’s it. You have successfully changed the old phone number linked to your account to a new mobile phone.

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So far I’m yet to try this with the zenith bank internet account as I prefer to use the bank mobile app. So this is how to change my zenith bank alert number online using the Zenith bank mobile app.

Later on I will update this page with the internet banking but let’s move to the next.

Now, you’re desperately need to change your phone number linked to your zenith bank account but you don’t have the hardware token and can’t afford to buy one at that very moment, you don’t need to panic or get a headache over it.

However, this question of how to change my zenith bank alert number online isn’t for you cause you will have to do that offline.

The offline I’m talking about is by going to the bank, or calling the zenith bank customer service representative.

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Now let’s see how to change my zenith bank alert number by going to the bank.

Change zenith bank account phone number in the bank

Locate any zenith bank branch around you and move to the bank. Upon getting inside, move to the customer service section and speak with any of the representative.

Request that you want to change the phone number linked to your bank account to a new one. If the customer service representative ask you the reason for that, you can state any reason like you no longer make use of the old phone number.

Now the customer service representative will give you a form to fill, you need to calm down and fill the form. Make sure that the phone number you entered is very much correct cause if you make a single mistake on your phone number, the bank won’t detect it.

So kindly fill the form, go through what you have written and make sure that everything is correct, finally submit the form back to the consumer service representative.

It will take a maximum of 24hrs for the changes to reflect on your account though you also need to contact the bank to know if they have indeed updated your KYC with your new phone number.

So all these are how to change my zenith bank alert number online and offline. You can also change your phone number using the atm, as I’m yet to try that out, I won’t post it here cause I don’t know the procedure or the process.

With the two methods posted here, you won’t have any issues updating your zenith bank account with your new phone number.

How can I check my Zenith bank account number by SMS?

This is so simply, kindly dial *966*0# on your mobile phone and your account number along with your bank verification number and your account balance will be sent to your phone. It will first display on your screen, then you will see the option to save that as a message on your mobile phone.

I don’t recommend this at all cause you might expose your bank verification number to a third party or a fraudulent person. Once the account number is displayed on your screen, kindly use a pen and paper to note down your account number and exit from the page.

Remember, you will be charged N15 any time you checker your account information using the ussd code. If you want to check your account information for free, then make sure to enroll in the internet banking or the mobile app.

No charges to check your account information.

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Does Zenith Bank have a WhatsApp number?

Absolutely no, zenith bank doesn’t have a whatsapp number or account, but rather a mobile phone numbers and an email address.

Maybe you feel like to contact the bank for this purpose of how to change my zenith bank alert number online, kindly use the contact details to contact the bank and you will get a swift response.


call 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK

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If you have any issues or problems with changing your zenith bank phone number, kindly contact your bank though I can assist you with some answers in case you’re confused somewhere on this post. With this I come to conclusion of this post of how to change my zenith bank alert number online. You can drop your comments or contact your bank.

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