How to change gtbank phone number and email address

Learn the best way on how to change gtbank phone number and email address.

There are several situations that might make you want to change your gtbank mobile phone number or even the email address you used in opening your bank account.

Maybe you lost the sim card or your network provider blocked the mobile number.

Well the reason for you wanting to change your gtbank alert number is best known to you.

You are here, looking for a way to change your gtbank phone number or email address used in opening your bank account.

You need not to worry cause that’s so easy to do, and you don’t need to go to any gtbank branch.

How to change gtbank phone number and email address.

I’ve been in a similar situation whereby my network provider (mtn) blocked my sim cause of the sim registration issue, and i desperately need to use the number for my banking service, so i had to change the number immediately.

The method i used is what i’m going to show to you right now and which you will successfully change your gtbank alert number.

How to change gtbank phone number

There are two ways which you can update or change gtbank phone number, one is through the ATMs and the other is through internet banking and the gtbank mobile app (gtworld).

How to change gtbank phone number and email address.

However going to the atm can only change your phone number, but you can’t change your email address registered with the bank.

Some maybe going to the automated teller machine might not be the best option for you to change your email address, you’ll have to use the other options.

How to change gtbank phone number and email address.

To change your email address, you will use the internet banking account or mobile banking app or you contact GTconnect through mail in order to change your email address.

Please note that gtbank gtconnect isn’t working at the moment. 

To contact the bank through their email address, you’ve to use your gtbank mobile app and scroll down to services in order to contact your account manager.

You can as well go to the bank to do that as well.

If you don’t mind be on a queue just to get the customer representative to help update your phone number or email me linked to your bank account.

I will only discuss the two methods which i used in updating or changing my gtbank phone number and email address.

Through The ATM 

Update gtbank phone number and email address


Below is a well detailed guide on how to change your bank phone number (Guaranty Trust Bank) and this is the latest method.

1. First you need to have your naira debit card with you (atm card), head to any gtbank atm.

Please it must be a Guaranty trust bank automated teller machine(atm).

On getting to the atm, insert your card, followed by typing in your pin number.

Don’t type any other number.

2. Take a look at the atm screen, you’ll see Perform Other transaction, select this option, and next you will see is More Services.

Also enter the number for it.

3. When you enter the number for MoreServices, next you will see on the screen is update phone number.

All you’ve to do is to enter your new phone number and click on proceed.

And this is followed by you typing in your four digit pin number to confirm and finalize the update.

This method for me is the best and if you have any problem on the cause of changing your alert number, you can enter into the bank and lay your complaint.

How To Change Gtbank Phone Number And Email Address.

Through Internet Banking 


You don’t want to stress yourself by stepping out of your house in order to change your gtbank phone number, internet banking comes to the rescue.

If you have internet banking account with gtbank, or mobile banking, you can change both your account phone number and email address.

Using the atm only updates or change your phone number, but can’t change your email address used in opening your gtbank account.

Follow the process below to change your password gtbank phone number through internet banking.

1. First login to your internet banking account or your mobile banking app, and click on Click “Self Service.

2. Next is to click on Customer Information Update, followed by New Request.

You’ve to Select Account Number, and also Select Update Type “Email address or Mobile number”.

3. Type in or enter your new Mobile number. You will be given a question to answer and enter the Answer to your Secret test Question

4. Click submit, and enter the token generated code sent to you and click on submit.

Your new  mobile number will be updated on your gtbank account within 24 working hours.

If you don’t have internet banking account or haven’t registered for mobile banking, going to the atm or contacting GT connect / going to the bank is the only for you.

If all the above methods didn’t yield any good result for you or maybe you don’t fancy them at all, then here’s the best way to change gtbank phone number.

That is by going to any gtbank branch near you. 

This is what most people use to resolve their problems and for me it is the best option for you.

What it entails from you is to visit any guaranty trust bank around you and speak with the customer service representative that you want to change your registered number with the bank.

Most time we do call it alert number, and the customer service representative will swiftly do it for you.

Please before going to the bank, have your details with you and also means of identification like your ID card which includes voters card, national ID card or international passport.

After this, you need to also change your bvn number if it is the same number that you changed from receiving bank alert.

Please in changing your preferred alert phone number, make sure that the number isn’t a reshuffled number cause you may have problem using it to check your bvn.

This especially if the number have previously been used to enroll for bank verification number.

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That’s all on how to change gtbank phone number and email address.

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  1. Hello
    I don’t have an ATM card so I’ll be needing a token to be able to transfer. I’ve tried all the provided methods on how to get my token but it’s seeming impossible, it keeos saying invalid authorization. Please help

    • You mean the token hardware?

      Was your token linked to your bank account? Please I advise you to go to the bank cause the notice it displays means that it isn’t linked to your account yet or probably you didn’t activate it properly.

    • It only requires you to contact gtbank and update your internet banking email address. In this type of situation you may have to go to the bank since you don’t have access to your internet banking.

      Remember to go with your ID card.


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