Can i have two bvn [bank verification number]

This is the question of the day.

Can i have two bvn?

How possible is it that a single person can have two bvn or even a multiple bank verification numbers.

First, you need to calm down cause asking this question means that there’s a problem. When bank customer can’t recall their bvn, number used during their bvn enrollment, and the worst is the bank which they enrolled for bvn, they tends to ask this question.

Can i have two bvn?

Cause they want to enroll for another bank verification number.

Can i have two bvn?

The answer is no.

I’m sorry but a bank customer can’t have two bank verification number, it is mandatory that a single bank customer is only liable to one bank verification number and it can’t be exceeded.

Once you have enrolled for bvn, that is it. You can’t enroll again cause the bank has your personal details which includes your biometrics. If you go ahead to enroll for another bvn, they will detect through the biometrics they have gotten from you.

They have your picture and your fingerprint.

There’s a case when a very good friend of mine asked this question of can i have two bvn, cause he has seen a person with two bvn. He said na naija we dey, but I try to make home understand that that’s fraud and if the person is caught, he will definitely face the consequences.

But the question is, how is the person being able to get two bank verification numbers if truly the story is true. However, the truth is such thing can happen and behind the close door but that’s illegitimate and fraud.

One major thing that we Nigerians doesn’t know is that the bank verification number is like an ID to us, but in the banking sector. Since the introduction of the bank verification number, it is compulsory that every account holder must enroll for it.

Immediately you have enrolled for bank verification number, linked it to your bank account, that’s it. You can’t change that anymore and that number will remain your permanent bvn until death.

If you have any problem with your bvn, your bank is there to help you out.

I’ve seen a quite number of persons asking if it is possible to get a new bank verification number for themselves.

I try to understand the reason why they want to get another bvn or a new bank verification number. Most of their answers are;

  1. I’ve lost my bvn and can’t seem to retrieve it
  2. My bvn details are wrong and can’t seem to change it
  3. I just want to change my bank verification number
  4. I want to have two bvn

If you lost your bvn, you can go through this post on how to retrieve bvn without phone number.

If you don’t seem to retrieve your bank verification number, try and remember the bank which you enrolled or any of your bank. Head over to the bank with your ID and request that you want to retrieve your bank verification number (bvn).

Give them your name and your account number and through it they will retrieve your bank verification number.

In the case of wrong details in your bvn wouldn’t make you want to enroll for a new bvn, asking can i have two bvn. I tell you that you can make ammend on your bvn using the requirements for it.

To make changes to your bvn, simply go through here and you’ll be guided on how to make changes to your bank verification number.

If you have a serious problem with your bvn, you bank is there to help you. Definitely they will help you out in solving your bvn problem.

Can I use one BVN two accounts?

can i have two bvn

Definitely yes.

You can use one bvn in multiple bank accounts or I will say all the bank accounts you have. A bank customer is limited to only one bvn, so what you need to do is to link your bvn to all your bank accounts.

You can go through this post to learn how to link bvn to your bank account for all banks.

With this, I do hope I’ve answered the question on can i have two bvn or Can I use one BVN two accounts.

Can i have more than two bvn? 

Absolutely no and not possible.

Can i register for bvn twice?

Definitely no.

It isn’t possible at all. If you enrolled once, you can’t enroll or register for another bank verification number. All your personal details and biometrics are already attached to the bvn and it can’t be duplicated.

Can two persons have the same bvn

No, that isn’t possible.

The reason why I added this is because of the messages I received from blog readers asking if it is possible that two persons will have the same bvn.

If you bought a new sim card and realize that the number is already linked to a bvn, there’s no way you can use the number to enroll for your own bvn or probably claim the bvn.

If you realize that the number is already linked to a bvn, kindly get a new sim card, check to see if there’s a bvn linked to it and if not then use the number to enroll for bvn.

Again, you can’t use the bvn on the sim card you bought cause the details aren’t yours including the biometrics. Can two persons have the same bank verification number and can i have two bvn goes hand in hand, and the answer is no, unless you want to be fraudulent.

Lastly, can i have two bvn?

Absolutely no and not possible.

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I’ve come to the end of this article on can i have two bvn, and again my answer is still no as at the time of writing this post. I’m open to your questions and suggestions.

13 thoughts on “Can i have two bvn [bank verification number]”

  1. I have a problem wet my bvn and is change of name both the first name and last is that possible for to that
    To change it?

    • You can do that, but you will need to get a newspaper publication, court affidavit, and an ID. Your new name must match all the three requirements especially the newspaper publication and court affidavit.

  2. I had a problem with my bvn the picture on my bvn is not for and the biometries on the bvn is not for me is it possible to change

    • How possible that you did a bvn and the picture and biometrics are not yours, that isn’t possible.

      As long as the picture and the biometrics are not yours, the bvn isn’t yours. You should enroll for a new bvn.

    • Ticket? Are you outside Nigeria?

      What you’ll do is to contact the financial institution you did the bvn stating your name and the date which you did the bvn, they will retrieve it for you.

    • If the mistake is your name or date of birth, you will have to get a court affidavit and a newspaper publication in some cases, lastly is an ID.

      However, if the mistake is your address or phone number, just go to the bank with your ID.

      When you get to the bank, request that there was a mistake made on your bvn and from there the bank will proceed to rectifying the mistake.

  3. I have opened a bvn account already and someone else use the same phone number I used to opened my bvn account to open again will it work

    • No it won’t work, the bank will notify the person that the phone number is already linked to a bvn. The person will have to get a new phone number to link to its bvn.

      However, once you lost your phone number linked to your bvn, you should immediately remove the phone from your bvn or retrieve the phone number cause a fraudulent person might use that against you.

  4. Good day, I already have an account with gtb and a bvn too, but I intend opening another account with a different name and with a different bank. Can I link the new account to my existing bvn knowing the two accounts carries different names?

    • Why do you guys love to complicate things?

      Why opening a new bank account with a different name?

      You have an ID with the said name? I’m sorry you can’t link your bvn to your new account if the name on your bvn doesn’t match the name on your new bank account. Your bvn name must match your bank account name.

      However, if you did a change of name then you will have to get a court affidavit and a newspaper publication along with an ID, and make changes to your bvn which will then bear your new name.


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