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Bank of Montreal Online Banking: How To Register or Enroll

Bank of Montreal online banking

Bank of Montreal online banking/internet banking, how to register or enroll today. 

The Bank of Montreal was first established in 1817 as an organization to offer a diverse set of financial services to businesses and individuals. Through the years, the bank has grown, and in 1977, they moved their headquarters from Montreal to Toronto.

Today, Bank of Montreal is known as BMO Financial Group. They are the oldest and fourth-largest bank in Canada. They have over 7 million Canadian customers that visit some 900 branches located throughout the country. The bank also operates in the United States as BMO Harris or Harris Bank. They have several holdings and large operations in Chicago, Illinois.

All of the bank’s customers have the distinction of being able to access Bank of Montreal online banking services. Bank of Montreal online banking is one of the most robust and sophisticated online banking systems in the world.

Security of Bank of Montreal online banking is state-of-the-art. BMO is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality of all of its customers and their financial transactions. Their secure login and website data encryption make them so confident that your account will not be compromised. They provide a 100% online banking guarantee that will reimburse you of any and all losses resulting from transactions you have not personally authorized through online banking. To invoke the guarantee, the only requirements are that you have followed all of the bank’s security guidelines, including keeping a confidential password, never writing the password next to your debit card number, and notifying the bank anytime your card is lost, stolen, or you suspect your password or PIN may have become known to someone else.

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Bank of Montreal online banking is organized in a user-friendly manner that consists of one main menu bar and a secondary menu bar. The structure is as follows:

Financial Summary

After signing in, you are taken to the Financial Summary section of online banking. This summary screen shows a listing of your various accounts with the balance and the date the balance was last updated. Customer service response alerts are also visible from this screen. The Financial Summary is further divided into secondary menu options:

• View Account Details – The gives a detailed view of all recent transaction and allows for entry of a date range.
• Download Account Details – Details can be downloaded for archiving for use with money management software.
• Modify My Summary – Add or delete accounts.
• BMO Account Tracker – Available to accounts with a minimum balance of $25,000.

Bill Payments

Bill payments can be made through Bank of Montreal online banking to save you time and the hassle of mailing in payments or going to a different website for each bill. Here are the secondary menu options:

• Pay Bills
• View Bills
• Modify Biller List
• Investigate Bill Payments
• List/Delete Future-Dated Bill Payments
• Bill Payment History


Online banking can be used to move money from one account to another. Transfers can also be made between Canadian dollar accounts and U.S. dollar accounts. Additionally, money can be sent to other Bank of Montreal accountholders with just their email, in a PayPal-like service. These are the submenu options:

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• Account Transfer
• Email Money Transfer
• Recurring Transfers
• Transfer Session History

Message Centre

The Message Centre allows for fast and efficient communications with customer service. Every effort is made to reply within 24 hours. Submenu options include the following:

• Messages
• Message History
• Contact Us

Personal Information

This menu option allows you to change your personal information such as your address, phone numbers, and email address. Here are the secondary menu choices:

• View Address
• Change Address
• Change Password

Accounts & Plans

This is a catch-all menu option that provides a plethora of services that include opening a new account and maintaining existing accounts and transactions. The secondary menu options are as follows:

• My Accounts

• Order Cheques
• Open New Account
• Travellers Cheques & Foreign Currency
• Stop Payment
• Consolidate Bank Statements
• Link Accounts to FirstBank Card


This option allows complete tracking of all investments. Information on new investment opportunities is also provided in the submenu options:

• My Investments
• GICS & Mutual Funds
• BMO InvestorLine
• BMO Nesbitt Burns

Mortgages and Loans

Mortgages and loans can also be tracked through Bank of Montreal online banking. Several tools are available for accounting purposes and planning. Applications for new loans are also available. The submenu options are as follows:

• My Holdings
• Lump Sum Mortgage Payment
• Increase Mortgage Payments
• Skip Mortgage Payment
• Mortgage & Loan Applications

Bank of Montreal online banking

How to Register or enroll for Bank of Montreal online banking

To register or enroll for bank of Montreal online banking, you will have to have your BMO Debit Card number and bank account details ready.  Then afterwards head over to their Online banking page here to begin your registration.

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Full list of Bank of Montreal locations 2018

This process is enrolling for bank of Montreal online banking through internet or online and i think it is the best as it saves time and energy.

That’s all i have on bank of Montreal online banking registration, if you have any problem registering, we are here to help you.

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