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Atm and its uses

Atm And Its Uses: Importance Of Atm Machine

On this post, i will give you a detailed write up on atm and its uses and also the importance of atm machine to the banking industry. Atm have really helped the banking industry a lot and in terms of money withdrawal which have drastically reduced the number of people or bank customers in the banking hall. When you talk about atm and its uses, this entails the usefulness of the automate teller machine to the banking industry and the country as a whole. IIt…

Online banking

How Safe is Online Banking On a Mobile Phone

How safe is online banking on a mobile phone is one major question we do ask when it comes to online or internet banking. Online banking have made banking banking services easy simpler and better as you can easily transfer money, pay bills and others right from your smartphone. Millions of people are using online or internet across the world but sometimes we ask this question how safe is online banking on a mobile phone. You are right to ask this question…

UK BankWire Transfer

Natwest Bic Code For International Money Transfer

Natwest bic code for international money transfer: we have provided you with natwest bank bic or swift code which is used for wires transfer. Without Bic or swift code, wire transfer will not be possible as it is used to identify a bank when it comes to international money transfer. What is Bic Code A BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is the SWIFT Address assigned to a bank in order to send automated payments quickly and accurately to the banks concerned. It uniquely…

Banking terms and definitions pdf
Money transferWire Transfer

How To Wire Money Online(2018 Guide)

How to wire money online: we have provided you with the basic guide on how to send money internationally in 2018. Wire transfer is one of the fastest means of sending money to someone abroad which can be done through bank or online. Both means of wiring money is good though through bank is bit costlier and better compared to wiring money online. To wire money online is cost effective as some of these company's like Ria, FastTrack, WU Moneygram etc offer…

Cheapest online money transfer
Money transfer

Top 5 Cheapest Online Money Transfer in 2018

Cheapest online money transfer: are you looking for the best affordable way of transferring or sending money online to your family or friends, we have detailed down the best that you can go for. We all love cheap or affordable things especially when we are short of money or that we are low income earners. We tends to go for things that we can afford to do pay without affecting us on the long run and this also include looking for the cheapest…

Cheapest online money transfer
Money transfer

How to open a Western Union Account in Nigeria

In this post we will guide you through on how to open a western union account in Nigeria. Western union is one of the best and popular money transfer in this world, with millions of users varying from countries all over the world. Right here in Nigeria, western union is one of the means with which we recieve money from abroad. As the have gain trust and support from their uses because of the services theu offer, western union is one of…

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62 Banking Terms And Definitions pdf(For Dummies)

Banking terms and definitions pdf: Every sector or industry have its terminology and so in banking industry too. Many a time, these terms are difficult to understand especially if it is not your area of study and interest. There are most common banking terms which everyone understand while there are some most people don't understand also. And that's why we came up with this post to make everyone understand the basic banking terminology or the banking terms and definitions pdf. Before we go into…

Abokifx black market rate for dollar in Nigeria
Exchange Rate

Abokifx: Black Market Rate For Dollar in Nigeria

Abokifx black market rate for dollar in Nigeria: get the current naira dollar exchange rate today in the black market. As the Nigeria naira appreciate and depreciate, people especially the business ones sort to know the latest on dollar to naira exchange rate. Exchanging your dollar in the abokifx black market will give you more gain or money compared to the bank rate which is lot lower. Not only that, the abokifx black market rate affects the price of commodities or goods in the market,…

Mobile BankingMoney transfer

[Hot] Gtbank Mobile Money Transfer: GTB Mobile Banking 2018

Get the best guideline on using gtbank mobile money transfer code,mobile banking which you will use on transferring money from gtbank to other bank or guaranty Trust Bank too. Guranty trust bank popularly known as gtbank or gtb is a financial institution that offers financial services which includes gtbank mobile money transfer, online or internet banking, personal banking, corporate banking etc in the country. Gtbank is among the best bank in Nigeria which have a perfect or quality mobile transfer with strong security measures. This…