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Solution To ATM Did Not Dispense Money But Bank Account Was Debited

In this article you will find solution to atm did not dispense money but bank account was debited, be it gtbank, Zenith Bank, Diamond Bank, First bank, access bank etc.

Sometimes you might come across this problem of atm didn’t dispense money but account was debited during atm withdrawal. I’ve experienced this on my Zenith Bank account two good times and once on my access bank account. Am yet to experience this on my gtbank account through atm cash withdrawal.

The convenience of getting cash on the go has made many bank accountholders to embrace the usage of payment cards. And as such, the issue of the ATM cash dispense error has been on the increase. It is, however, important to know how to resolve the ATM dispense error with ease.

The ATM cash dispense error is a situation where the machine debits (removes money from) your account without actually physically dispensing the cash.

Sometimes, some machines dispense incomplete amount of cash.

Reasons why we have the ATM dispense error

1. Information and Communication Technology problem

Often times, there is always a link or communication problem between the ATM and your bank’s server. This lack of connectivity occasioned by downtime or other factors may lead to the ATM dispense error.

2. Cash jam

There are times when wads of cash jam in the machine. This sometimes happen when the machine is counting the cash preparatory to dispensing it.

3. Physical machine fault

There are times the ATM itself develops faults. This usually makes the machine to malfunction and causes problems, including the cash dispense error.

4. Power outage

The ATM is programmed to survive on an Uninterrupted Power Supply device. There are times the UPS fails, or for one reason or the other, runs out of power suddenly. This can lead to cash dispense error.

Solution to atm did not dispense Money But account was debited

Dispense money

If you come across this problem, you should try and wait for couple of minutes like highest 4-5 hours and see if the money will be reversed. Sometimes the atm will reverse the money back to your account but of you have waited and you didn’t see any, then you have to do something about it. Banks will say wait for good 24hrs to see if your money will be reverted, but i’m telling you that if you wait for 5 or maybe 7 hours and you money is not reversed please you need to rush to the bank. If it has passed the bank working hours then go the next working day and lay your complaint.

You need to meet with the customer care and explain to them about the atm cash dispense error that occurred during your atm withdrawal and no cash was dispense but your account was debited. The bank will give you an atm dispense error form to fill, which they will go through your account and its recent transactions. After all the verification your money will be credited back to your account with 24hrs.

Having experienced this before, i tell you that this is how my money was reverse and which i received an alert that made me to know that the money have been reversed back to my account.

So if you come across atm didn’t dispense money or cash but account was debited then you don’t need to panic, wait for few hours like maximum 6-24hrs and if they didn’t reverse the money then head straight to the bank and lay your complaint.

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