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You’re welcome to afribankonline, and this post contains a detailed guide on access bank transfer code or access bank ussd code.

This post gives you the information you needed on how to use the ussd code to transfer money from your access bank account to another account.

The *901# ussd isn’t the only option which you can transfer or send money with, there are others like the internet and mobile banking, or even the atm.

But the access bank transfer code seemed to be the fastest and most convenient way to transfer money from one’s account.

Others requires you to turn on your mobile data with an active internet subscription or use a Wi-Fi network.

Access bank ussd code or mobile ussd code doesn’t require internet connection at all, but you may experience hitches if there’s a poor network connection or coverage.

Before you can start using the access bank transfer code of *901# or ussd code, you need to first create a four digit pin number which acts as a security to your account.

How to register and create pin for access bank transfer code *901#

To register for access bank transfer code on your mobile phone, dial *901# and you will see the option to create a new pin which is the option 5 on the next page of the ussd code.

Type in the number to create a new pin, followed by the last four digit number on your atm. Next window is for you to type in your preferred pin number.

You’ll be given an option to use four to six numbers as your personal identification number (PIN). Don’t think of or try to use a serial numbers like 6789, it is very wrong and can easily be guessed or hacked.

After creating your transaction code pin number, you can have full access to the *901# ussd code.

Access Bank Transfer Code *901#

Access bank transfer code


Having registered and created pin for access bank transfer code or ussd code, you can start using it with the first option which is buying of airtime and internet data.

Not only buying of airtime and data, or money transfer, you use the ussd code to check your bvn, open a new bank account, subscribe your cable TV like dstv/gotv and startimes.

Through the *901# access bank ussd transfer code, you can pay for electricity bills, be it prepaid or postpaid meter. Book for flights and other means of transport, request for mini statement of account, block your atm card etc.

According to the bank, the ussd code has features like;

  • Authentication is done using a four (4) digit security code.
  • Airtime transaction code can only work on phone number connected to your Access Bank Account.
  • You can create a security code using the Menu option.
  • Money is debited directly from the Access account connected to the phone number used.
  • Service attracts N20 charge (Transfers to Access Bank).
  • Service attracts N50 + N2.50 (VAT) charges (transfer to other Banks).

The services is really 24/7 available to access bank, and not atm that claimed to offer 24 hours services.

How to buy airtime from access bank

Buying airtime from access bank doesn’t have any charges like money transfer or paying of bills.

No fees at all, even if you do it times five but note that it has a limit of N10,000 per day.

To buy airtime for self from access bank via ussd code, dial the access bank transfer code or ussd code of *901*Amount#.

For example *901*1000# and it will be credited on your sim number registered with access bank.

To buy airtime for others may be your other numbers, family or friends, simply dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#.

For example *902*1000*08023333333.

Buying of airtime from access bank account is only available for mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile subscribers.

How to transfer money from access bank

Looking for access bank transfer code?

Here it is.

To transfer money from your account to another access bank account, Simply dial *901*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#.

For example *901*50000*0216499766#. For the newbies, Nuban account number means your bank account. 

Note that you’re required to confirm the transfer with your four digit pin you created for it.

To transfer money from access bank to another bank using the access bank transfer code, dial *901*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#.

For example *901*30000*0777677764#.

It will also require you to confirm the transaction using your four digit pin numbers.

Money is debited directly from the Access account connected to the phone number used.

Money transfer in access bank using the access bank ussd transfer code attracts a fee of N20 for account on access bank, and N52 for other banks.

Checking of account balance and number

This has really made life so easy, no need of going to the bank to check your account balance on or going to the atm in order to check your current status.

A one click touch, your account balance and details are displayed on your mobile screen.

To check access bank account balance on phone, dial *901*00# on your Access Bank registered phone number. You will also have to authenticate it using your four digit pin numbers.

Your account details and also your account number will be displayed immediately you typed in your pin number.

It doesn’t end here, with access bank mobile transfer code, you can easily pay your bills like electricity, cable TV, pay for smile or swift subscription, bet9ja etc.

To do that, simply dial *901*3# and follow the prompts that show up.

Usually for electricity, cable TV, booking for flight or other means of transportation, paying for bet9ja and others, attracts a fee of N100.

There are other services on the *901# ussd code like blocking of your naira debit card, cardless withdrawal, requesting for account statement etc.

All you need to do is to dial the code, create your four digit personal identity number and start using the access bank transfer code or ussd code of *901# for your quick banking.

In terms of money transfer, it isn’t only the ussd code can do that for you, through internet and mobile banking, you can transfer a maximum of N2,000,000 whilst the ussd transfer code can only limit you to N100,000 per day.

If you really wants to enjoy money transfer on access bank, i will advise you to enroll in their internet or mobile banking today.

Account creation is free of charge, and you can that by yourself witjo going to the bank.

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This is where i wrap it up on access bank transfer code, i’m here to assist you incase you’re confused on how to go about it.

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