Zenith Bank Daily Transfer Limit: Mobile App Transfer Limit

On this post contains zenith bank daily transfer limit which includes all the modes of money transfer. What i to say is that it includes internet banking transfer, mobile banking, *966# ussd code and the automated teller machine.

Which ever is your preferred mode of transfer, i have their daily transfer limit.

Of the major banks we have in Nigeria, Zenith bank seemed to offer a good amount on money transfer, especially if you are using the internet banking or the mobile banking itself.

These two offers a high maximum of daily money transfer, compared to the others more especially with a token number. And the bank offers one of best transfers services except for their ussd code which is too poor from my observation.

Zenith bank daily transfer limit 

Zenith bank daily transfer limit

Let's move straight to the topic of the Post which is zenith bank daily transfer limit on all the options they have so far. I will start from their online or internet banking services. 

1. Zenith bank internet banking daily transfer limit 

For zenith internet or online banking, their daily transfer limit is N3,000,000 if you're transferring to another zenith bank account or N1,000,000 if you are sending to another bank.

But if you have a token hardware and number, and you're a corporate account owner, you can send more than five million naira to any account in a day.

That's the advantage the corporate account owners have over the savings account. Mind you when i say corporate account it is another way of saying a business account. It is for those that makes huge sum of payment on daily or weekly basis.

2. Zenith bank mobile app transfer limit

Zenith bank mobile app transfer limit is actually zenith mobile banking, works exactly like the internet banking. It is another way by which you can easily send some money to anyone without going to the bank.

The mobile app is very fast and it's daily transfer limit is N3,000,000 to zenith account or N1,000,000 to other banks. This is why i said that it works exactly like the internet banking.

3. Ussd Code daily transfer limit 

The third on the list is zenith bank daily transfer limit through ussd code, that is *966# code. This is commonly used by most bank customers in Nigeria for money transfer, airtime and data recharge or bill payment.

The ussd code has the least amount of daily transfers, it is limited to N100,000 daily and for you to send up to that amount, you will require to type in the last six digit number on your atm card. Without it, the transaction will fail. 

But recently, zenith bank announced that you can transfer up to N1,000,000 on their *966# ussd platform but you must use a a token number in order to transfer up to that amount.

4. Zenith atm daily transfer limit 

The last on the list is through the automated teller machine, which gives you a maximum of N200,000 daily transfer limit on zenith atm, and N150,000 on other banks atm. 

You can't transfer up to a million naira, and if you want to transfer up to such amount of money, then you've to use the internet banking or the mobile app. 

That's it on the zenith bank daily transfer limit, i'm open to your questions and also suggestions.