Zenith Bank Atm Transfer Limit Per Daily In 2020

Year 2020 is almost here, we are looking at Zenith bank atm transfer limit which is the highest amount of money you can transfer to another bank customer over the automated teller machine.

In as much that ussd code, internet and mobile banking has taking over the method of money transfer, it doesn't mean that customers are still not making use of the atm.

In fact there's lot's of people, both young, middle aged and old that makes use of the atm in money transfer. They will tell you it is what they're used to than any other means.

So what is actually the zenith bank atm transfer limit per day, has it increased or decreased or changes with the latest withdrawal charges. You need to read further and you'll learn more useful information on money transfer.

Zenith bank atm transfer limit (daily) 

Zenith bank atm transfer limit daily

Zenith bank daily transfer limit on the atm is way too low compared to mobile money transfer. Currently their daily limit is N200,000 while if you're using internet banking or the mobile app, you can transfer as high as N1,000,000 without using a token and N5,000,000 with a token.

Even the ussd code money transfer is way better than the atm, you can transfer up to N3,000,000 in a day. This is why i said that why would people still be using the atm for money transfer, which the mobile and internet banking or the ussd code is more convenient and faster.

How to transfer money using zenith bank 

In as much the three methods of money transfer is now common, some people are still not aware of it and also how to use it. So if you're a novice in banking, don't worry i will guide you through. 

I've explained the three and best methods to transfer money from your Zenith bank account to another person;

1. Through internet banking 

This is the best method so far to transfer money using your bank account. With the zenith internet banking, you can transfer as high as N5,000,000 on savings account and up to N50,000,000 on corporate account in a day. 

Then if you have a token hardware with you, you can transfer more than the above amount per day, and mind you it is the same transfer fee of N52 though corporate account charges higher.

This is what makes the zenith bank internet banking to be really useful, especially to the business owners, companies or firms. To get yourself registered, visit any zenith bank branch and speak with the customer service. 

Request that you want to enroll for their internet banking, and follow up with whatever they required from you in order to get you registered. You
 can read more on Zenith internet banking 

2. Through Mobile Banking

The second on the list is through mobile banking. If you don't want to stress yourself by going to the bank in order to register for online banking, then stay in your home or office and register for mobile banking. 

It works exactly like the internet banking, just that you need to download a mobile app. The app is available on ios and android platform. Having downloaded and installed the app, open it and click on the sign up button.

Let me stress this to you, before clicking on the sign up button, make sure your email address and phone number registered with zenith bank is working. When i say registered with zenith bank, i mean to say the email address and number you gave to them while opening your account with zenith bank. 

If they are working proceed with the registration, if they are not please head to the bank and change them. 

Registration on the mobile app is so easy, wouldn't take you fifteen minutes to complete everything and sign in or login to your account. First that will display on your screen is your account balance, and on the left side bar is the option to transfer money. 

It just the same as on the internet banking page, no major difference at all. 

3. Through zenith bank *966# ussd code 

Unlike the two methods above, this doesn't require internet connection or WiFi network at all. You can use Nokia touch or any type of device that supports sim slot like the smartwatch. 

All you need to do in order to try to transfer money is by dialing *966# and select the option for money transfer which is number 5. Though you need to create a pin number for before using *966#. 

To create a pin number, you will also dial *966*00# and select the option number to create a pin. Mind you, you must have your atm card with you cause it will ask you to type in the last 4 digit of your debit card before you can finally type in your preferred pin that you want to use. 

After that dial the *966# and do your money transfer. But note that you can only have daily transfer limit of N100,000 using your atm card. But to transfer up to one million naira, you need to get yourself Zenith bank token hardware

The only advantage atm has over these three is that during poor network connection, you can't make transfer on your phone though there are times atm do experience such. 

So guys that's all i have for you on atm transfer limit per daily, if there's any update, i wouldn't hesitate to update this post as well.