What's Zenith Bank Token And How To Activate It

You may be confused on what's zenith bank token is, you need not to worry as i will guide you through on what it is, how to get it and also how to use it.

Major reason why lots of bank customers don't know what a token is, is because of the issuance of pin number or OPT number. The token works exactly like the otp number.

Zenith bank token is one of the safest device to use, especially in terms of internet or mobile banking. You may choose not to use the pin number but rather use the token to generate one for yourself.

What's Zenith bank token 

Zenith bank token number activation

Zenith bank token is a device, very small like a finger print device, which is used to generate pin numbers for internet or mobile banking, which involves money transfer, bill payment etc. 

Apart from the zenith token device, there is a mobile app that can be used to generate otp pin number called the e-token.

e-Token App is a mobile application that generates One Time Passwords (OTPs) used in the authentication of electronic transactions. A one-time password (OTP) is a series of characters that automatically authenticates the user for a single transaction or session.

Both the e-token and zenith bank token number works the same, just that the device seemed to be more secured compared to the mobile app.

Benefits of using the token hardware 

  1. It adds extra security to your bank account, compared to the pin number you're using in protecting your account. 
  2. Currently, zenith bank money transfer on both mobile and internet banking is N1,000,000 but with the token hardware, you can transfer up to N100,000,000. 
  3. You can use it to change your bank phone number and email address 

How to get zenith bank token 

You can get the token only inside the bank, and which costs a sum of N3,500 per one. The price is one major reason that people are not going for it, after all there is etoken and you can also receive otp pin number on your phone. 

But i tell you that it is good to have one cause it more trusted than your bank pin number. There are things that you want to do on your Zenith bank account that requires the token and not your bank pin number.

For example, you transfer money, buy airtime or data, make bill payments, use cardless withdrawal using your bank pin number, but you can't change your phone number without the use of the token number.

Even some banks require that you generate a token number before you can view and download your statement of account. 

To get the zenith bank token, have N3500 with you, head to any zenith bank around you and request that you want to purchase their token device. You will be given a form to fill, after completing it give it back to customer representative.

The major things to fill are your names, account number, phone number and email address registered with zenith bank. In the delivery option, please select self pick so that you will go inside the bank to activate it. 

The token device will be issued to you, and please request that you want to activate it right there. Though the banker in will definitely ask you to do that, but the nonchalant one's might ignore you. 

Again you don't have to be shy, ask them how to use it to generate an otp number, you will see it right there as the banker will help you with that. 

I hate when people don't know a particular thing or feature but feels shy or too proud to ask, please if you're confused about the device, don't hesitate to ask the banker issuing you the token device.

How to activate Zenith bank token hardware 

Zenith bank hardware token

If you didn't activate it in the bank, follow the below guideline;

  1. First you have to go to Zenith bank token activation page
  2. Enter you zenith bank account number and click on submit 
  3. Immediately you will receive an otp pin number on your phone or email address registered with the bank
  4. Next is to type in the otp number sent to you, and enter your hardware serial number which is a 10 digit code
  5. Mind you, you don't have to type the dash, just write the numbers on the hardware only
  6. The last is to type in a four digit pin. You can use your atm pin for easy remembrance or use any numbers that you won't forget.
Having clicked on the submit button, you will see a successful message on your screen and you're good to go.

You can now use your zenith bank token to generate otp numbers for your money transfer, airtime and data purchase, bills payment etc.