7 Quick Tips For Gtbank Online Banking Registration

Planning to enroll yourself on gtbank online banking or which you can as well call it internet banking, there seven quick tips that i want you to know about gtbank online banking registration on this post.

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the most popular bank we have in Nigeria, with over five million customers across the customer. Registering for gtbank online banking today is really a necessity and a must as you being their customer.

But before enrolling yourself today, let's me give you a seven quick tips that will be helpful for you on gtbank internet banking.

 7 Quick Tips For GTBank Online Banking Registration

Gtbank online banking registration

Okay guys, not going to bore you down with long talks and head straight to the number one tip i have for you. 

1. Gtbank online banking registration through online is farce 

Have you ever tried to get yourself enrolled through gtbank online website for their internet banking? The truth is that it doesn't work. Having tried it over and over again, i realized that there's no way i can register for their internet banking through online. 

But hey, maybe you can give it a try, let me say that it might be from end that it is not working. 2020 is fast approaching and let's see if gtbank will rectify the issue. 

2. Fastest Money Transfer 

You may think that *737# is the fastest right, but the truth is that gtbank online banking and mobile banking money transfer is the fastest and most convenient. Though it is still the same charge with the ussd code transfer. 

3. Best bill payment 

You can say it again and again, gtbank internet banking has the best bill payment and it is way better than the *737# ussd code. You might want to pay for dstv or maybe Gotv subscription and get hooked up, but you can't see such on their internet banking. 

Same can be said of their mobile banking through gtworld or gtbank mobile app, is just exactly like the internet banking just that it is an application. Mind you it is only available for android and ios users. 

4. Safest to use 

It's so hard to see or hear that someone's gtbank internet banking account was tampered or hacked, but that is not the case with the *737# ussd code. If actually you lost your phone or maybe a thief stole it, he or she might use your account to buy airtime worth of N50,000. 

Seriously i've seen such though the thief was caught afterwards. But you can't see such if you have an internet banking account, cause it is secured with a username and password and which nobody can have access to it unless the person knows your account details. 

5. Request For your account statement

This is something that you wouldn't see in the ussd code, but through gtbank online banking, you can request and have your statement of account sent to you immediately, and you can even have the hard copy by downloading it. 

The only thing that lead you to the bank is that if you want it to be stamped. Let's say your company requested that every employee should provide their statement of account. Usually you can't submit it without the file being stamped, no, it will be seen as forgery or fake. 

So in most cases, you should have it stamped by your bank in order to show authencity.

6. Most convenient way to check your bvn 

This is something that people doesn't know at all, that you wouldn't be wasting N10 or N20 naira, sending sms just to check your bvn. 

That's way outdated bro or sis, common get yourself registered with gtbank internet banking, open your account and your bvn is displayed right on your screen. You don't need to go helter-skelter just to get your bank verification number, this will help you a lot. 

Also this isn't applicable to their online banking, but also their mobile banking app. When you register and open the app, your bvn is displayed on the sidebar and it is clearly written bvn for you to know that.

7. Easy to contact Gtbank Customer service 

This is the last on the list of 7 quick tips for gtbank online banking registration. Do you know that you don't need to search the whole internet because of the fact that you are looking for a way to contact gtbank customer service center. 

Through their online banking, if you have any issues with your account that you want them to help and resolve it for you, just sign in to your internet banking account and click on the option menu. Select services and you will see the option to contact the account manager.

So these are the seven quick tips that i want to know about gtbank internet banking, before getting yourself enrolled today. So how do you register?

How to register for gtbank internet banking 

Gtbank internet banking registration

Like i said above, forget about that gtbank online website they said is for enrollment, just head straight to any gtbank branch around you and request for their internet banking form. 

Kindly fill all the necessary details and give it back to the customer service representative. It wouldn't take five minutes and your account is ready. 

Please note you must have a saving or a current account with them before enrolling for their online banking. And you will also specify the type of account you have with them and lastly the account number. 

The only disadvantage that gtbank online banking has is that you must have internet connection before it works, but the *737# doesn't require internet connection or WiFi network before you can use it. This is the only advantage it has over the online banking.

So guys, that's all i've for you on gtbank online banking registration, if you are confused or have any questions to ask, free to use the comment box.