Best Way To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance On Phone

Forget about all the long talk on how to check zenith bank account balance, in 2020 you shouldn't be asking such cause it's no longer a new thing in this modern banking era.

What you should be asking is what is the best way to check zenith bank account balance on my phone be it android, iPhone or iPad.

What do you think, i'm here to tell you about *bla bla# code that you will zap you of N15 every time you check your account balance on your phone. No i'm not talking about any ussd code but rather you having zenith bank mobile app.

Do you know that with zenith bank mobile app which is called mobile banking, you can easily check your account balance without being cautious of fee attached to it.

I can't remember the last time i bothered to check my account balance and dialing the *966# ussd code. Just flip my phone, open the zenith mobile app and view my account balance, as easy as that.

How to check zenith bank account balance 

How to check zenith bank account balance

So the question is, how do i check my zenith bank account number on phone smartphone. Let me guide you through.

First you need to download the zenith bank mobile app on your android or ios. Open the application and click on the sign up button.

Before signing up for the mobile banking, make sure that your email address and phone number registered with zenith bank is working, especially the email address. 

Afterwards continue with the registration. It shouldn't take you up to 20 minutes to get everything done and start using the app. You need to closely concentrate on the on-screen instruction and get it done.

Thanks to finger print sensor on smartphones, you can login to your account using the finger print sensor on your smartphone. Just one click touch and boom your account balance with your number is displayed on the screen.

On the gtbank mobile app, you can also view your bvn number or contact their customer service center. No need to waste a certain sum of money to check your account balance or your bank verification number. 

Another good way to check zenith bank account balance is through the online or internet banking. Just like the mobile banking, it doesn't cost you anything to get yourself registered. 

The only stress on the zenith internet banking is that you have to go to the bank in order to register, it is not like the mobile app that you can enroll yourself in your home or office. 

Checking of account balance have been made easy through the zenith bank internet banking or the mobile app. No cost whatsoever in checking of account details, unless you are transferring money which attracts a fee of N52.

But if you feel that you can't go through the twenty minutes process of enrolling yourself for the mobile banking or internet banking, then you can go ahead and check your account balance on zenith bank with *966*00#.

Let me repeat this again, using the ussd code attracts a fee of N15 per check, that is for one view. If you view it two or three times, that will be 30 or 45 naira and if you do it for like fifteen time in a month, then you should know the amount you're giving to the bank, and plus other bank customers in name of checking account balance. 

To even check your bvn number through the *966# code, the bank will charge you for a fee, this is something that wouldn't happen if you're using the the mobile app cause immediately you opened it, your bank details which includes the account number, account balance and bvn is displayed to you. 

If you like open it more than fifty times in a day, no charges at all unless you're transferring money. This is also the same with Zenith bank internet banking.

Having provided you with three methods on how to check zenith bank account balance, it is left for you to choose the one that is suitable for you.