Access bank Nigeria online banking procedure
Access bank NigeriaBanking

Access Bank Nigeria Online Bank Account Opening 2017[Procedure]

Access bank Nigeria online bank account opening procedure in 2017 is what we are dealing today.

Online or Internet banking  is dominating the banking system allow over the world that most developing countries are adopting to it. This method of banking is the fastest mode of banking anyone can use. 

Access bank Nigeria online banking/mobile banking procedure

Online banking saves your time and stress of going to the bank for transactions as it can be done on your mobile or PC.

Access bank Nigeria which is one of the good banks we have in Nigeria made it possible for their customers to perform their transactions through Internet or mobile banking. 

Access Bank Nigeria Online Bank Account Opening

Below is the procedure for access bank Nigeria online bank account opening in 2017. 

  • Go to any of access bank branch in Nigeria and meet with the customer service. Tell them that you want to open an online or internet banking but first you must have an account with them.
  • They will issue a form for you to fill
  • Fill the form and return it back to them. Within minutes you will receive an SMS containing your password which you will have to change the password immediately.
  • I will recommend you to use your ATM password for your access bank Nigeria online or Internet banking password.
  • After changing the password and everything is successful please log on to your online bank account before leaving the bank.

Another Method of opening access bank Nigeria online mobile banking 

  • You can save yourself the stress by going to this access bank url
  • Enter all the required details and click submit.
  • You will Get Authentication to your mail id and to your mobile phone vis SMS.
  • Enter the Activation Code and click “Submit
  • Once valid activation code has been entered you will be taken to the next screen where you can choose your ID,Password,Secure Image
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Submit.
  • Again if everything is successful, immediately log on to access bank Nigeria online mobile banking url

Why i like creating access bank mobile banking by going to the bank is that i will same time get my token. Note today get this isn’t for free but the money isn’t much.

Reason for this token is that you can be able to transfer money from your access bank to another person that is not using access bank(third party). 

Without the token such transaction can’t go through unless it is access bank to access bank. 

This is the procedure to open access bank Nigeria online bank account or mobile banking. 



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