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Make Money With Ice Block Production Business in Nigeria

Make Money With Ice Block Production Business in Nigeria 

Do you know that you can make lots of money with ice block production here in Nigeria. Lots of people are going into this business and those that are serious about it are making real money with it which is adequate for their needs.

Ice block production is one of the lucrative business one can venture into, though the cost of running the business might be high for some especially on large scale production.

With epileptic power supply in this country, lots of people are demanding for ice block especially people who sells drinks and water just to chill their drinks and drinking water. Right now we are in a period of hot weather where people demand for cold drinks and water, our power supply getting worse day by day, the only alternative for sellers who sell drinks and water is to buy ice block(lot cheaper) or fuel for their generator.

But you should ask yourself this question, how many road side food sellers have a generator and the answer is non. They use ice block to chill their bottle drink and water. Also you have to check this, how many shops are located in your area or street, do they always have cold drinks and water, how many of them use generator to chill their drinks and water, if your answer is No then you can look in this.

How Profitable is Ice Block Production 

Ice block production is profitable especially if you are the only person in your area doing the business.  This business can cost you up to #300,000 naira if you don't have the requirements before starting the business or #50,000 if you already have some of the requirements before starting the business. If you are in a large location with lots of shops or store and many of them sells drinks and water, then huge profit is yours.

On Saturdays, do you know the number of people that look for ice block for weddings especially those with cooling van, some buy up to 50 ice blocks or up to 100 as wedding guests wouldn't want to take hot drinks or water in a hot afternoon.  I tell you if you get serious about this business, you will be making close to #30,000 Naira in a day as mine neighbor sells N200 per ice block.

Is Ice Block Production Cost Effective 

Ice block production is cost effective if you are have the requirements before starting the business. The requirements includes big freezers, a generator that uses diesel or maybe fuel as well, a nylon bag and water. 

If you want to start this business on a large scale, you will require to have ice block making machine or at least 7 long freezer(LG or Thermocool or maybe scanfrost), generator that uses diesel, nylon bag and a bore hole. If you are on a small scale two long freezer might be adequate for you, a generator that uses fuel or preferably diesel,nylon bag and water. 

Starting Ice Block Production

Okay you have already made up your mind that you want to start producing ice block, below are the requirements 

1. Ice Block Making Machine or Deep Freezer 

First you have to get this in the market, if you have many deep freezer in your house you can use it or if ice block making machine is costly for you, try use your deep freezer for a start and get more of it as one or three deep freezer might not be enough for you. 

2. Generator 

This is another compulsory thing to get or have before starting ice block business. Like i said before, you can look for a generator that use diesel or you can manage the one you have. Sometimes price of fuel or diesel increase without notice and what you have to do is to also increase the price of your ice block. If you are lucky to be in an environment where there's power electricity especially during the night, use the opportunity to save your fuel and make more profits. 

3. Nylons 

Still don't understand why price of nylons increase on daily basis(maybe recession) but you should worry about this at all. When buying nylon, get a transparent plain nylons as i recommend you to put a brand name and address on the nylon, with this people can locate you. 

If you don't really care about it, just get a white nylon with what you will use to tie the top of the white nylon. Please you should try and get a strong nylon that will hold the water before you experience a lot of damages. 

4. Water 

This isn't a big deal in this business.  Of you don't have a bore hole or a pipe borne water supply, try fetch up to 7 25liters cans of water from a clean water supply for your business. 

So after you have gotten all the requirements, pour water into the nylons seal up the nylons or tie it up and put it into the ice block machine or deep freezer. If you are using a deep freezer please set the capacity to the highest so as to make the ice block production faster and save your fuel or diesel. 

I will recommend you to start your ice block production by 6pm our local time and make sure you don't have uninterrupted power supply till 8am the next day. With this the ice block will be hard and will not melt easily, this will impress your buyers and attract more buyers to your business. 

To advertise your business, just put up a sign board on your street like ICE BLOCK SOLD HERE  SO as to notify people about your business. 

And that's it from me on make money with ice block production business in Nigeria and if you have more on this topic please don't forget to share it thanks. 

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