First Bank Nigeria Online/Internet Banking Procedure[How to Get Password]

First Bank Nigeria online or Internet banking aka FirstOnline, allows First Bank of Nigeria customers to perform banking transactions via the Internet, without the waiting and restrictions associated with branch banking. You can send money, pay bills, view your transactions and many more on the internet banking platform.

First bank nigeria online or Internet banking procedure and get password

The platform offers some self services that allows users to request for first bank token, first bank POS machine etc online. Users can also pay bills and manage their First bank cards on the platform. There is also First Bank PayPal wallet that allows you to easily create a PayPal account with your First bank debit card.


1. View account balances
2.  View and print statement of account
3. Transfer funds between your accounts
4. Transfer funds to 3rd party accounts within FirstBank


Pick a copy of the form  at the nearest First Bank branch office.

Fill and submit the form to [email protected] or at any of the bank’s branches nationwide.
In the form, you will be required to enter your First bank account details and your personal details including the email address they will send your FirstOnline login details to. You will also be required to enter the username you want to use for FirstOnline. Within 48 hours, you should receive a feedback.
Once approved, you will receive an email containing your First bank internet banking ID and another email containing your password. Thereafter, you can proceed to sign in and change the default password.


You can login by going through First bank nigeria website,  You will be required to enter your FirstOnline username. Thereafter, you will enter your Firstonline password. Once successfully signed in, you will see the First Bank Internet Banking dashboard.
Note it is advisable to seek procedures from the bank customer service on how to do it as there might be a new procedure for this. Again you might encounter error message when changing your password though with first bank the error is minimum.
So first bank users rush now and open an Internet banking account and save your self the stress of going to the bank.

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