10 Best Lucrative Business In Nigeria You Can Start With #5000 And #10000 Naira 

As the Nigeria economy is getting worse day by day, unemployment rate gets higher, people looking for job or work to do and to no avail, with only alternative being going into business(small scale business).

10 Best Lucrative Business In Nigeria to start with #5000 And #10000 Naira, little capital

Instead of folding your arms waiting for a white-collar job which might not come easily for you, is better you look for something with little amount of money which you will benefit from it in no time.

There’s a lot of business which one can venture into, and it is recommended to start small before you think if large scale business. Right now you might have only a little sum of money like #5000 #10000 Naira,  and you might think it is not enough for you especially in this inflation time that cost of products are high.

Common bro or sis i tell you with #5000 you can go into a business and make some earnings with it. You should know that the way things are with payment of salary being difficult for some states, so even if you are working you should try to get extra income with other things(business).

10 Best Lucrative Business in Nigeria To Start With #5000 And #10000 Naira

Okay so this post is for all unemployed which includes students too, at least to help yourself out with school text books etc.

1. Download And Sales of Android or PC Games/ Softwares 

Hey bro or sis do you know that you can be making some bucks with by downloading and selling of Android or pc Games and softwares.  I know you will be saying data bundle is costly in Nigeria and how can i download a pc game of 30GB. Let me tell you how i do it;
>>> Android Phone/ PC
>>> 64GB  OTG USB Flash drive or 32GB Memory card
>>> Internet data bundle(Recommended Airtel and MTN night plan with up to 5 registered sim cards)

How To Do It For Android Games/Softwares

>>>  Look for HD Android  Games especially HD shooting Games or Football Games Like PES Ppsspp Games or Fifa Games. Some people don’t know sites to get these games or don’t have internet data to download the games, so what you have to do is to send these games to them at a token like N200(depends on the size of the game).
Download beat softwares for Android and also install it for interested users.

For PC Games/Softwares installation

>>>The best and highest order. I make some bucks by installing PC Games or best softwares to people. You know most PC Games have large size like with least being 2GB or 1.5GB. You may not necessarily needs a pc for this, but as long as you have an SD Card up to 32GB/64GB or 64GB OTG USB you can achieve it.
>>> Football Games are hot cake for pc as well as shooting games. I made up to 50k in a month installing PES 2017 PC and Fifa 17 PC to people. I saved the raw file on my  OTG flash DRIVE.
>>> Go to phone and pc forums to look for those that wants to install PES 2017 or fifa 17 in your location and use the opportunity to advertise yourself.
>>> First i will recommend you go to Phone and pc business center close to you, make friends with them and try visit the place. With time you will see guys that wants to install pc software or game to their pc, play sharp and do it for them. I charge N1k for PES 2017 PC, N1200 for fifa 17 PC and N300 for pc software, but try charge at a cheaper rate at first start and increase with time.
>>> If you are a guy try advertise yourself on every barbing salon you know and if you are good people will always look for you and in a day you will be making close to 5k.

2. Liquid detergent or Soap Production 

This type of business is very easy to start up and for all ie if you are a male or female. Too many people are into this business as you might see locally made soap or detergent people carry about to sale. Some of these soap or detergent sells for N200/ N100 per one and if you prepare it very well, you will have lots of customers.  
Liquid detergent and soap production is cost effective that N10,000 is okay for a start and with lots of sales you can increase the number same time your budget.

3. Charging of Phone Or PC 

Do you know that charging of phone or pc can get extra income for you. During my NYSC in Ogoja(2012), our fellow Corp member used this to make extra income coupled with the monthly allowance. First is that the guy bought a tokunbo tiger generator at the rate of N10,000 with up to 12 extension and sockets, and thanks to close by filling station where he buy fuel for the generator. Almost all the Corp member with other people in Ogoja go to his house to charge phone and his rate was N50 per full charge for both pc and phone. 

4. Selling of Pure Water in Wholesale 

First cold pure water sells very well, if you have a freezer in your house you can start up this business. All you require is to get a bored and write cold bags of water sold here and if you in busy location or environment, hey bro or sis i tell you you will sell very well especially on Saturdays as long as your bags of water including bottle water are chilled.

5. Selling Of Cold Drinks 

What i mean here is selling of cold minerals as you can combine it with the bags of water or bottle water. People are doing this in their house, selling of cold minerals, bags of water and bottle water in their house and N10,000 can afford 8 crates of mineral.

6. Venture in OK Clothes

Yes i said it, OK clothes sells very well in Nigeria as we all love cheap things. People are using this business to feed themselves or their family and with N10000 you can start up this business. First you need to start small with capital as low as N10000 or N20000 before expanding or increasing the number of bails. 

7. Snacks Production(chin chin, meat pie, fish Roll, Doughnut) 

With N10,000 you can start snacks production like chin chin, plantain chips, meat pie, fish roll or doughnut. You can Google on how to prepare these snacks, watch YouTube Videos on their production, select one from the list and make a trial. First start with plantain chips which is lot easier then head to doughnut. In my location, it is sold at N50 for one.

8. Small Scale Ice Block Production 

You can be making a lots of bucks with ice block production as power electricity is a huge problem in the country. Small scale ice block production requires at least up to two medium size freezer, generator with fuel inside( very nice if you live in the ground floor or own your own house). Get strong water proofs and pour water into them(please the water proof should determine the amount you will sell the ice blocks.
Once it is 7pm, start your generator and power on your freezer leave it till day break like 9am before switching it off, by then you have gotten enough blocks to sell. In my location one ice block costs N200 and people are buying it for their cold drinks and water.

9. Garden Egg Farming, Cucumber Farming And Plantain Farming 

This is real lucrative business in case you don’t know, especially garden egg farming or Plantain farming. If you have a portion of land in your place, you can venture into this business with a capital of at least N10, 000. My landlady used part of the compound for garden egg and Plantain farming, people came to buy them and a bunch of Plantain is sold at the rate of N1500 now(my location).

10. Online Or Internet Business 

Sure I’m practicing this one, I’m into affiliate marketing, blogging and freelancing. I started with blogging at no cost just one month internet data and more especially free browsing. After four months i bought a domain name at N900 and the next two months adsense approved my application and i started earning though the first three months was difficult for me.
Right now i feed myself, pay house rent and other necessary things with the money i made online coupled with selling of PC Games and softwares. When i started, I only use my Android phone but right now i have two pc to run my online business( To know more about this, you can hook my up through my email).
And that’s all i got for you, 10 best lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with #5000 or #10000 Naira and please if there is anyone that i did not mention here please state it below as sharing is caring thanks.
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