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Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966#: How to Transfer Money from Zenith Bank to Other bank

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Zenith Bank transfer code *966# formally called eaZybanking was introduced last year so as to enable zenith bank customers to transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank.

Zenit bank eaZybanking is a form of mobile banking which made it easy for you to make transfer, recharge airtime, pay bills or other payments with ease on your mobile phone.

Zenit bank transfer code *966# or EazyBanking is a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way to access your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your mobile phone without internet data.

Benefits of using Zenith Bank Transfer Code *966#(EaZybanking)

Below are the key benefits of using using the the zenith bank transfer code *966#

  • Banking services 24/7 available for you
  • Very convenient as you can stay in your comfort place and make bank transactions.
  • Recharge airtime of data bundle at any time you want even in the midnight.
  • Very fast and doesn’t hang for a bit.
  • Saves stress of going to bank hall and queue up.
  • Make bill payments like dstv recharge, konga pay etc

You got to see that you only go to the bank when you have issues on hand or maybe you are a business person and have some cash to deposit to your account. So below I how to transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank using zenith bank transfer code *966#.

How to transfer money from Zenith Bank to other bank using zenith bank transfer code *966#

Before you can use the zenith bank transfer code or  eaZybanking *966#, you must have these requirements ready before you can start your Zenit bank mobile banking.

Zenith bank transfer code *966#


  • Registered sim number used in opening zenith bank account.
  • Working Debit card(ATM card)
  • Get your Zenit bank mobile banking password ready or preferably use your atm card password.

After this go ahead and start using zenith bank eaZybanking by dialing *966# and select your desired option. If you want to transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank below I how to do it.

  • From your mobile phone dial  *966# 
  • Or preferably dial *966*Amount*Account Number#
  • After thst you are required to input the last four digits on your atm card
  • After you have done, you will also input a permanent password for zenith bank mobile banking. Please i will recommend you to use your atm password so as not to get confused with password issues. But if you want to input the new different password then good for you.
  • After that you have to confirm your password(4 or 5 digit pin).
  • Then you will select the bank name or brand name.
  • After that window, the next will show you  details of the person you want to transfer money to. This includes Name and the amount you want to transfer.
  • Carefully take a look at the name and the amount before proceeding to the next step.
  • The next step states PROCEED and you’ll have to input the number for proceed and also confirm it.

After this this step you see sent or something similar to it on your phone and also receive notification about your account balance.

Please note that I you want to transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank using the zenith bank transfer code *966# you will need create another password again. The first password you created remains permanent for your zenith bank mobile banking. 

How to Check Zenith Bank Account Balance

Thanks to to eaZybanking yourself for check your zenith bank account balance by dialing *966*00#on your mobile phone. 

The buy airtime for yourself you others using your zenith bank account, dial  *966*Amount*Mobile Number#

And that’s it from the on Zenit bank transfer code and how to transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank using the zenith bank mobile banking.


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