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UBA USSD Money Transfer Code: Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks

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To all the uba bank customers this post entails uba ussd  money transfer code/uba mobile transfer code and how to transfer money from uba to another banks in Nigeria. 

This is the fastest and most convenient way you transfer money from one bank to the other anywhere you are without internet. Since the introduction of internet banking in Nigeria, banks in this country have also adopted the mobile banking. This form of banking helps you to recharge airtime or data plan from your bank account, transfer money from your bank account to another person in the same bank or another bank etc.

UBA is among those that adopted this form of banking(uba ussd transfer code) to help their customers to perform bank transactions in their home, office or any place. Uba transfer ussd code entails you to have any type of phone, it mustn’t be a smartphone and there’s no need for internet too.

The requirements to transfer money from uba to other banks or uba is your mobile phone and a registered sim card with the bank. What i mean here is that it must be the number you entered when registering for uba bank account. It will also require a debit or credit card.

Benefits of UBA ussd Transfer code – Mobile Banking

1. No internet required

2. Any type of phone can be used

3. Very fast and convenient for the customers

4. Saves stress of going to the bank to transfer money to other banks in Nigeria

5. You can check your account balance anywhere.

6. You finances is at your fingertip.

Uba ussd transfer code

UBA USSD Transfer code and how to transfer money

Okay guys you need to careful when using this form of banking especially when transferring to other person.

The transfer money from uba to other banks is so easy and during the last step you will see the full details of the receiver before you can finally transfer money to the person. But if it’s airtime transfer, any slightest mistake in the number, another person will receive it.

To transfer money from uba bank to another bank in Nigeria;

1. On your mobile phone dial *919#, select 5(send money).

2. You will get to a screen which states Please Choose payment method. Select 1 for UBA Account and 2 for UBA Prepaid card

3. Afterwards you have to carefully follow the on screen guide and complete your transaction.

How to buy Airtime with my uba account

This is another huge role that u ussd transfer code plays. To buy airtime with uba account, simply dial *919*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for yourself dial *919*500#

To send airtime to a friend or a family, dial *919*Phone Number*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for a friend dial *919*08134609654*500#

To check your uba account balance dial dial *919*00#

You can a well use uba mobile banking app for your online transaction. Download the app here for android.

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So this is uba ussd transfer code and how to transfer money from uba to another bank in Nigeria. Please don’t forget to share this post thanks.

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