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UBA Online Banking – How to Register

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This is for all uba customers who want to open uba online banking and perform banking transactions online using their smartphone or pc.

Features of uba online banking

*Instant Self-Registration : UBA customers can start and finishInternet Banking registration from the login page

*Buy Airtime: Top up your mobile phones and that of your loved ones

*Account Monitoring: Monitor activities on your accounts, view your loans etc.

*Transfer Money: Send money to your other UBA account or someone’s account in UBA and other Banks. Standing order is also available

*Pay Bills: Pay bills – utility, Pay TV, subscriptions etc.

*24Hrs Availability: Access to your account is round the clock – no weekends, no public holidays.

*Book Flights: Get best flights and pay directly from your account

*Personalization: Customize your User ID, your nickname etc. it is all about you

*Cyber Receipt: Proof of transfer or payment can be printed for all your transactions

*Security: Access to your account is protected with best-in-class technology. You are also notified whenever there is any login/attempted login to your profile


Active Account

Internet enabled devices (computer, tablets, smart phones)

Completed enrollment form/web form

Executed Indemnity (for higher transaction limits up to N5m for individuals and N100m for Corporate users)

UBA online banking

UBA online banking

Conditions For UBA online banking

Please note these conditions before enrolling for uba online banking;

Information provided on the enrollment form must match what we have in our records

*Daily limits for Individual – N200k (for SMS OTP), N1m (with Secure Pass without indemnity) and N5m (with Secure Pass & executed indemnity). N2.5m per transaction is allowed for individual users with indemnity

*SMS OTP is only available to individual users (Corporate users can only use Secure Pass)

*Daily limits for Corporate – N10m (with Secure Pass without indemnity) and N100m (with Secure Pass & executed indemnity). N50m per transaction is allowed for Corporate users with indemnity

How to register for UBA Online Banking

First Method

Instant Self-Registration – with your debit card, individual customers can start and finish enrollment from our Internet Banking login page  by clicking Instant Self-Registration button. It takes about 40s to complete this process!

Enrollment with Virtual Enrollment Form – There is also another option for both individuals and corporates to enroll with the interactive online PDF forms. The link to the forms are pasted below:

For Individual

For Corporate

Enrollment Form for All

In instant self registration on uba online banking, you don’t need needs download the form. Use the above url and create your uba online banking, but with Virtual Enrollment Form you will need to submit the form to any uba bank near you.

After everything is done login in to your uba internet banking  or uba online banking through this link

How to perform transactions on uba internet banking

Please note that internet banking is the same with uba online banking.

Before you begin, please get the following information about the Beneficiary and Beneficiary’s bank ready:

Beneficiary’s details – name, account number and full contact address (not P.O. Box)
Purpose of transfer
Beneficiary’s bank’s details – bank name, address, swift code (IBAN no/Chips, sort code and bank number, if available)
Your Hard Token/Secure Pass

Log on to
Sign in with your user ID and password

Upon successful log-in, click Transfers & Payments & FX International Transfer menu on the left section to open the FX form.

Choose who bears the correspondent bank charge. This is the processing fee charged by the Beneficiary’s bank for the service rendered, and is not controlled by UBA. Select Sender to bear or Beneficiary to bear.

Note: If Beneficiary to bear option is selected, the Beneficiary will get FX amount less the correspondent bank charge but if Sender to bear, the Beneficiary will get the full FX transfer amount.

Select Transfer Type – by default, the transfer type is Swift Transfer but you have an option of selecting Draft.

Choose account to debit – note that only your Domiciliary Account(s) will show here. It is compulsory that your selected account is in the same currency you wish to transfer.

The system does not allow cross-currency transfer – this however does not mean that the Beneficiary cannot receive the funds in other currencies. In other words, only Dollars can be transferred from Dollar account, Pounds from Pound account and Euros from Euro account.

Fill in Sender, Beneficiary and Bank’s Details (and Intermediate Bank, if applicable):

Beneficiary’s details – name, account number, address (in full not P.O. Box)
Beneficiary’s bank details – bank name, bank address, SWIFT Code, IBAN No/Chips (put “none” if not available), sort code and bank number
Sender’s details – debit amount in figures only, sender’s address in full, sender’s email address and phone number
Intermediate bank details (only if applicable) – bank name, bank address, SWIFT Code, ABAN No/Chips (put “none” if not available), sort code and bank number

Kindly state the purpose of the transfer clearly. General terms such as personal, official etc. are not acceptable. It must be stated clearly e.g. Payment for Toyota Car being imported, School fees for my daughter etc.

Review all details and click Transfer. At this stage, Terms & Conditions will be displayed to you. Read and if satisfied, accept the Terms and proceed to transaction authentication page by clicking Agree (click Disagree only if you want to discontinue the transfer process).

After step 8, input your Token code in the token field and click OK to authenticate the transaction. You will get a response “Successful: Transaction is sent for processing!” You will get telex copy of the transaction (if successful but if not, transaction declined notification and reason for decline)

How to get UBA bank token

To get your uba online banking token, If you desire a hard token, you can get it at any UBA Business Office. For more flexibility, U-Token is available in apps stores for download and instant activation for your transactions

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So is left for you as a uba customer to enroll for uba online banking now.



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