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Top 5 Lucrative and Profitable Business Ideas For Senior Citizens or Retirees in 2017

Are you about to retire from your job or probably a senior or retiree and searching for a business  ideas to engage in to invest your gratuity in this 2017. This post will help you with the top 5 business ideas for senior citizens or Retirees  in this 2017

When retirement time approaches or get closer, seniors keep wondering what to do in order to keep up with their monthly or weekly income and for their savings not to try dry up with time.

Though i must say retirement means time for one to relax after years of service and with monthly pension fund to help the senior, but many developing countries find it difficult to pay for the pension fund.

Top 5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Seniors or Retirees in 2017

So let’s head to the top 5 lucrative and Profitable business ideas for seniors or retirees in 2017. 

1. Starting a Children Daycare

When i say starting a children daycare i didn’t really mean that you should be the one controlling the children, cause at retirement age one might not have the strength and energy to control them.

This is a very profitable and lucrative business as in this generation both men and women work for a living, living their children behind especially in school holiday.

In this type of Business , you can use your house more especially if there’s a lot of space for the children to play. Again your house must should have the standard required for day care business with clean toilets and environment.

If you don’t want to use your house, then get land or a space and build a sort of bungalow with room numbering up to 2 or 3 with toiletries and employ someone to help you out.

Daycare business is good business idea for seniors or retirees because of its profitability and what you will do is to employ one or two persons and leave the work for them(if you don’t have the strength to control the children).

2. Extra Moral Class or Extracurricular

Extracurricular or extra moral class is very profitable in this country. During holidays, extra moral class is a hot cake as parents looks for a place to keep their child or children till they are back from work while some is for child not to play too much and forget about school and education.

If you are good in teaching and did education, i recommend this for you as it is very lucrative and profitable for one to engage in both retirees and working class. This is not difficult to set up as you can just rent a single room or two and use that for your extra moral class or extracurricular lesson during holidays or after school hour.

3. Consulting

Consulting is a good business idea for retirees. Just rent a room especially in a good location and start your consulting business which can be marketing ideas,accounting,medical,attorney,teaching,nutrition etc. If you offer valuable consulting services to your clients, you will be making lots of money even after retirement.

4. Tutoring and Mentoring

Top 5 Lucrative Business ideas for seniors citizens or retirees in 2017

Are you good in teaching,catering,wedding and events planning, road construction and building etc, use your skills to make money with it. A lot of people are into this type of business and they are making though all depends on how good you are in that particular area.

Another thing i like about tutoring and mentoring business is that it wont give you like the daycare business or the starting extra moral class.

5. Catering

You can open a catering shop or use your front house for your catering business.In order to avoid stress especially if you are aged, try go for lesser ones like snacks making or go for home made foods and sale it within your neighborhood or outside your environment.

There are other types of business for seniors or retirees like writing of books, pet sitting, event planning etc. But these ones are my top 5 lucrative and profitable business ideas for senior citizens or retirees in 2017 but if you have any other ideas please drop it below thanks.


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