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Natwest Online Banking – How to Login to Your Account

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Learn how to control your bank account or finances through natwest online banking. 

With online banking you can manage your account 24/7 through your mobile phone or pc and save your yourself stress of going to the bank.

Features of Natwest Online Banking

Key Features

1. Check your balance – checking your bank account balance and made easy with natwest online banking.  Just login to your account and click on account balance or details.

2. Check your statements
Did you know that 14.3 million current & savings accounts are now paperless? (That is 91% of all personal accounts that are managed online.)

3. Making payments or sending money: There’s nothing sweeter as staying on your couch and make payments online. If you enroll for natwest internet banking, you can make payment at any given time.

4. Send money to any UK bank account with just the account number and sortcode

5. Make international payments without the need to visit a branch

6. Transfer money between your Current Account and savings account in seconds

7. Create amend and cancel standing orders
Cancel Direct Debits

8. Get the balance of all your accounts in one place

Natwest online banking

Other Features Includes

Payments to suppliers and staff

Access up to seven years’ of statments

Downloadable account information

Transfer money between your NatWest accounts

Free security tools to keep you safe

Before enrolling for Natwest online banking you must be 11 years plus and above and have any type of bank account with them.

How to Register or Enroll for Natwest Online Banking

1. First you have to have an account with them

2. Login to their registration page through Here

3. Select if you are a personal customer, A business customer or a credit card only customer (MasterCard).

4. The next page is where you have to carefully fill in your profile details and you card details. Please don’t forget to fill in the correct email address as your activation code will be sent through your email.

5. Check the box to say you accept the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Next’

6. You’ll then be shown your customer number (date of birth followed by up to four digits) – you’ll need this any time you log in to online banking and to download the mobile banking app.

7. You’ll also be asked to choose your PIN (four digits not in sequential order) and password (between 6 and 20 characters including letters and numbers). After you do this and click on ‘Next’ you’re up and running!

After this first step, you will still head over to the second step which is to activate your account.

How to Activate Natwest online banking account

To activate your account go through Here and follow the guidelines.

You can download natwest mobile banking App here and use it for your NatWest online banking.


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