How to check bvn on gtb using 4 methods

You’ve seen the topic of the post, how to check bvn on gtb using the best four methods I’ve for you. If you can’t remember your bank verification number, where you saved it or note it down, worry no more as I will guide you through on how to check bvn on gtb.

Like I said, four proven methods to retrieve your bank verification number using your gtbank account.

How to check bvn on gtb

What proven methods I’m talking about?

They include the followings;

  • Using the Gtbank mobile banking app
  • Using the Gtbank internet banking
  • Using the bvn code
  • Using the Gtbank ussd
  • Going to the bank

The last option on the list, going to the bank is something that we wouldn’t want to do, but I can assure you that all the four other methods works pretty well for how to check bvn on gtb.

Let’s start with the first method on the list, check bvn using the internet banking account.

1. How to check bvn on gtb using internet banking

how to check bvn on gtb

The name has already let you know that you must have an internet banking account with guaranty trust bank. If you haven’t enrolled, you better do that cause internet banking is very much helpful in today’s banking industry.

Using the internet banking is one of the sure way on how to check bvn on gtb and it wouldn’t cost you a dime rather than an internet data.

If you’re new you can register for Gtbank internet banking and if you’re an old user, simply login to your page.

As you’re on your gtbank internet banking page, tap on the menu option icon and your bank verification number will be displayed on your screen. It is adjacent to your bank account number and the account balance as at this time of writing this post.

Gtbank are always found of making redesign on the page, and if there’s any changes I will update this.

This is how to check bvn on gtb using the internet banking method. This only involves a one quick click and you’re good to go.

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  • Requires no charges at all in checking of bank verification number
  • It is a one quick click and your bvn is displayed on your screen along with your account information


  • Requires internet data or Wi-Fi, and can’t be used without any of this two
  • In terms of poor internet coverage, one can’t have access to its bank verification number
  • A user must register for internet banking in order to use the account

2. Mobile Banking

Another method on how to check bvn on gtb is by using the bank mobile app called the gt world app.

Let stress this, gtbank has two mobile banking app, one is old while the other is new or probably the latest gtbank mobile app and it is called the gtworld.

As this post is all about how to check bvn on gtb, the gtworld app is the answer to your question and need. If you use the old Gtbank mobile app, you can’t retrieve your bank verification number using the bank mobile app.

You don’t have to worry about this, here’s the Gtworld mobile banking app, kindly download and install the app on your android phone. For ios users download the Gtworld mobile banking app from here.

To get started with how to check bvn on gtb, you’ll have to create your account if you haven’t done so. Don’t panic please as you don’t have to go to the bank to do it, and whereas it wouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes you’re done with it.

After installing the mobile app, tap on sign-up button and create your account using your debit card (atm card), phone number linked to your gtbank account and an internet data or Wi-Fi.

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The above guide will put your through on how to get started with gtbank gtworld mobile banking app.

After you’re done with the account creation, sign in to your mobile banking app. To check bvn on gtb, on the gtworld mobile app, tap on the menu icon and on top of the menu you’ll see your bank verification number (bvn) displayed on your screen.


  • Very fast method to check bvn
  • All for free and no charges at all


  • Requires internet connection else it won’t connect
  • Won’t work when there’s a technical issue with the bank

So this is how to check bvn on gtb, and moving onto the next two which doesn’t require internet connection.

3. Check gtbank bvn using the ussd code

The ussd code is now very popular and some do call it the transfer code. The right word or name is the bank ussd code, and you can use it to retrieve your bvn with ease.

Just like the other two above, you’ll have to activate the Gtbank ussd code in order to use the code for your banking services. This code can be used on a smartphone or feature phone.

When I say a feature phone, I mean to say the likes of nokia touch or probably Java phones. They are all feature phone as most of them are only used for calls.

If you’re a newbie, I recommend you go through this post on how to activate and use gtbank *737# ussd code.

The post will make you to understand how to use the Gtbank ussd code to check bvn on gtb and perform other transaction using the code.

After you’re done activating the Gtbank *737# ussd code for your bank account, you can now proceed on how to check bvn on gtb.

To do so, simply dial *737*6*1# on your phone and your bank verification number along with your phone number and account balance will be displayed on your screen. The ussd code helps to retrieve your gtbank account information or details, and this includes your bvn.


  • No internet connection required
  • Can be used on any type of phone
  • Very fast in checking a bank customer bank verification number


  • The ussd code isn’t for free, and you’ll be charged N15 per a bvn check or account information

This is how to check bvn on gtb using the Gtbank *737# ussd code. Most of you will like this cause no internet connection is required, and you can use any type of phone for this.

4. Check bvn on gtb using the bank verification code

It is quite unfortunate that even in 2021 most people doesn’t know about the bank verification code which covers all banks and all networks in Nigeria.

Yes, there’s a bank verification number ussd code or you can as well call it bvn code, and it is applied to all banks in Nigeria and our prepaid networks.

What is the bvn code?

The bvn code is *565*0#

With the above ussd code, you can check bvn on any bank account or mobile phone number. However, the phone number must be linked to your bank verification number. You can’t use any phone number to check your bvn using the *565*0#, else it won’t work.

How to check bvn on gtb using the bvn code?

On your mobile phone, dial *565*0# and you’re required to pay N20 from your airtime. So you must have at least N20 on your airtime balance for it to work.

As you dial the *565*0# on your phone, N20 will be deducted from your airtime and it will display your bank verification number on your screen.


  • No internet is required for this
  • Applicable to banks and networks


  • Should have been free since it is from the government, but it isn’t and N20 is very high as it should have been N10 maximum

This is how to check bvn on gtb using the bvn code, and which attracts a fee of N20 per anytime you dialed the ussd code.

5. Going to the bank

There’s no way I will writing on how to check bvn on gtb without mentioning going to the bank.

Yes, this is the last resort.

Check bvn by going to the bank.

Most people don’t like it because it is stressful and time consuming, but if you don’t fancy the four methods above, then this is the last option for you to check bvn on gtb.

What you need to do is to go to any Guaranty trust bank, move straight to the customer service section and speak with them. Request that you want to retrieve your bank verification number as you’re not with it.

They will request your ID and your bank account number from you.

Make sure to go to the bank with your bank account number and means of identification, else the bank won’t look at your face.

Give them your account number and the bank will run a check on your account and in turn retrieving your bank verification number for you. I recommend you keep the paper in a safe place for future use.

So far these are the methods I’ve for you on how to check bvn on gtb, if there’s any other way I won’t hesitate to update it here.

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I do hope that this post contains all you’re looking for, and this is where I round it on how to check bvn on gtb. Please don’t forget to share buttons and I’m open to your questions and suggestions.

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