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Four Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Brand Name For Your Business

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Today’s topic which is Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Brand Name For Your Business. 

You finally decided to start a business of your own and to become a successful Entrepreneur. That’s one of the best decision that you’ve ever made in your life. Now the next thing is choosing your business name.

There are millions of businesses on earth that one may wonder if it’s still possible to get a business name that is still available. The truth is, no matter how many thousand businesses that are created in a day, you can still get a business name that suits your need.

Before I created this blog, I had that thought? Can I still get a good name for my business? And finally, it’s a reality.

However, are you stuck at choosing the right name for your business? In this article, I will share 5 factors every startup must know before choosing a business name.

5 Factors to Consider when choosing a Brand Name For Your Business

1. Avoid Names that have been chosen.

You may not know how dangerous it is until you lose your hard-earned business. I have seen many Nigerian entrepreneurs make this mistake of picking a name that is already in existence.  This will definitely tarnish your image before the eyes of the public as people will understand rate your bbusiness. 

2. Your Business name should explain About the Business

As a start-up entrepreneur, your business name should convey the meaning of what you do to people.

The business name “Microsoft” will clearly convey to the entire world that the company deals with microcomputers and software
When someone hears the business name “NameCheap”, he will clearly understand that the company deals with domain names.
Although they are some big brands like Google and Apple whose business names are abstract from what they really do. I will always recommend that your name should explain what you really do.

3. Try to Avoid long business Name

When choosing a brand name for your business, please try to avoid long names cause it will take time before the public will remember the name.

4. Don’t make your business name concentrate on a specific geographic location

At times is quite okay to name your business or brand based on what you intend to do with the business. You may start a business strictly for a particular region, city, state or a country and giving your business a name that relates to it isn’t a bad idea.

But when you are concentrating on the world as a whole, please try to avoid giving a name that relates to your environment unless the case may be.

5. Ask for people’s opinion

Four Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Brand Name For Your Business

A focus group can be used to find out what people think the business should be called, bearing in mind that the customer is king. The whole process of deciding can be made easier for the focus group when there are options to choose.

When choosing a brand name for your new, please try to adhere to some of the tips here and you can make your suggestions or questions thanks. 



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