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Exchange Rate Dollar To Naira Black Market 2017

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As we welcomed the year 2017, the Exchange Rate  of naira to dollar black market is dwindling on daily or weekly basis and this month of February 2017 seems to be the worst as it is N1 – $506 in black market. 

 This is not applicable to dollar as EURO and Pounds has risen graciously against our precious naira, though Centrally Bank of Nigeria charges low when compared to inter banks.
Dollar to naira Exchange Rate Black Market
Note When it comes to inter-bank or CBN exchange rate, it differs from bank to bank as it seems that gtbank and diamond bank has the best exchange rate for their customers. The likes of first bank and Fcmb will charge you higher if you are trying to pay online and lower when you want to receive dollars to your savings account or current account.


This page is strictly for dollar to naira exchange rate which i will update it daily so you better bookmark it for the latest update.

CBN $1 Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today For July 2017

 N315.25 – Buying Rate Per $1

 N315.25 – Selling Rate Per $1

Black Market $1 Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today July 2017

N366-  buying per $ 1

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N370 –  selling per $ 1.


If you one of those that receives dollars on weekly or monthly and you don’t have a domiciliary account, you should create one because it is way better than your savings account. For example exchange rate in the black market is $1-N506 while bank will give you highest $1-N315.  Just imagine the amount you are losing or giving to the bank and if you want to make payment online, you will be charged higher with least $1-N320 for gtbank.
This is why it is compulsory for you to try and create a domiciliary account and i would recommend gtbank or diamond bank for you. Reason being that you can easily create dorm account with this two banks and also not costly to maintain.
But if you have the money and wants enough security for your dorm account then First bank nigeria and Zenith bank is for you though you will require to answer questions especially if you are too young before they will open the account for you.
That’s it for Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today – Black Market Rate August 2017 and don’t forget to bookmark this page or this website for more information or with any latest development on Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate thanks.
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