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Diamond Bank Transfer Code: Transfer Money From Diamond Bank To Other Banks

Updated, Diamond bank transfer code/ diamond bank mobile transfer code and how to transfer money from Diamond bank to other banks in Nigeria. 

Diamond bank is a bank that works well not only in Nigeria but in many European countries as well. It has existed enough to be trusted. Moreover, Diamond bank proposes a wide range of services.

For example, someone can transfer money from Diamond bank to other banks even abroad;
transfer money from one account to another within Diamond bank;
transfer money using a cell phone;
transfer money online;
monitor spending and revenue;
pay utilities, all these can be achieved through diamond bank transfer code. 

Diamond bank recently introduced a new ussd transfer code for their esteemed customers to transfer money from diamond to other bank and also diamond bank. The transfer code which also helps to pay bills and recharge airtime or data bundle.

Diamond bank transfer code:Transfer Money From Diamond Bank To Other Banks

You don’t need to worry about security of Diamond bank  mobile transfer code as it has got a special security system that works every time you perform a financial transaction, for example, paying for something. So, when you click ‘to pay’ the bank sends you Diamond Transfer Code immediately.

It protects you from the probable frauds. Diamond bank online transfer is a secure way to send money anywhere.

Diamond mobile banking is also very useful and popular service among the customers. The thing is even more comfortable! It implies that a person can do any financial transactions at any spot, for instance: on the go, in a house, car etc, and save time.

All that you need is to have a mobile phone, your diamond bank debit card(atm) and the sim card registered or used for diamond bank account opening.

Setting it up a customer gets immediate Diamond bank mobile banking activation and everything is ready for work. So, Diamond mobile banking system is very convenient and fast.

Diamond bank transfer code

One more very handy innovation is diamond bank transfer code. To transfer money from Diamond bank to another bank, follow the steps below

For Diamond Bank to other banks

Dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# egg *710*777*1234567890*10000*1234# to send N10,000 to another bank.

Diamond bank to Diamond bank

Dial *710*710*Account Number*Amount*Pin#. e.g *710*710*1234567890*10000*1234# to send N10,000 to same bank.

New Updates on diamond bank transfer code

The new development diamond bank transfer code is that diamond bank have changed their ussd transfer code from *710 to *426#. Before of you are transferring money from diamond bank to other bank you will dial *710*777*account number or *710*710*account number for diamond bank. But right now all you have to dial is *426# and select your preferred option.

Please note that you need to create a pin or probably a 4-5 digit password and you will require to input 6 digits of your last debit card before you can perform transaction. So please before you proceed, Make up your mind on the pin or password you want to use for diamond bank transfer code. But same time you can as well use your debit card(atm) password for it.

Mind you the above codes work without internet but if you want to use their website or app, it will require internet connection.

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The above code are diamond bank transfer code and how  to transfer money from  Diamond bank to other bank etc. 


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