How to check my bvn name [Best method]

This is afribankonline and we have given you the best method on how to check my bvn name, how you can check your bank verification number details to see if everything is in order.

I know the reason behind you looking for how to check my bvn name is because you can’t link your bvn to your new bank account, you’re seeing mismatch error.

I’ve seen a lot of people ask;

How to check the name on my bvn?

They don’t know how to go about it and same time confused on where to start. I’m telling you that you’re at the right place, and you don’t have to worry at all as I missybanker will guide you through.

So let’s proceed.

How to check my bvn name

There are two ways which you can check your bank verification number name, and if i say tw ways, that is the only two ways for you solution on how to check my bvn name.

They are;

  • Checking bvn name through the portal
  • Checking bvn name through the bank

Before going further into this post on how to check my bvn name, I want you to know that banks treat bank verification number with utmost care. They can only show you a bvn number through their mobile apps or the internet banking, but won’t show you bvn details on these platforms.

This is why people go about looking for a solution especially the easy way to check bvn details even through online.

Let’s continue.

1. How to check my bvn name by using the bvn portal

This is by far the best method to check bvn details online and this also includes checking of bvn name and date of birth.

When I had an issue linking my bvn to my bank account, this is what I used to check what actually went wrong.

I was seeing mismatch in date of birth, mismatch in name also. So when I headed over to the bvn portal, i found out there was indeed a mistake in my date of birth, and also name arrangement.

The name arrangement was completely wrong, and so my date of birth. From there I proceeded with the solution to correct the mistake made during bvn registration.

How to check my bvn name?

Proceed to the Bvn portal and as it opens, enter your bank verification number in the space provided for it.

how to check my bvn name

Enter your date of birth or leave it as it is and click on search button.

Next page is a payment gateway and it is compulsory else you can’t view your bvn details. You don’t have to panic please, the amount is N25 per a single check.

So if you check your bvn details, write down everything you see there or save the page for future use.

Kindly go ahead and make the payment using your naira debit card. If your debit card is verve, select it by ticking the box made for it. If it is mastercard or visa card, also tick the box for it.

However, if you prefer to pay using your bank account number, there’s an option for you. You’ll see the box for those that wants to use their bank account number to make the payment. For me, i prefer using my naira debit card.

On the next page is where to enter your debit card number and other details which includes the expiry date and the cvv.

For the newbies, where you see card number is the space provided to enter your debit or atm card number which is on the front of your atm card.

how to check my bvn name

Where you see month and date is the expiry date on your debit card. It is usually written in this format 05/24. The first two digits is the month, while the last two digits is the year.

Then cvv is the three digit numbers on the back of your debit or atm card. You’ll see it right there cayse it is a security number for your card. You can read more about Cvv number on debit card.

We’re still in how to check my bvn name or bvn details.

After you’re done entering your card details, swiftly tap on pay and N25 will be deducted from your bank account.

In case you’re making the payment directly from your bank account, select the option for it. Next page is a drop down menu which contains supporting banks, and they include;

  • First city monument bank (FCMB)
  • Guaranty trust bank (gtbank)
  • Polaris bank
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  • Wema bank
  • Zenith bank

If your bank is not on the list, I’m sorry this option isn’t for you. To pay, login to your internet banking account and you’re good to go.

After the payment is successfully, boom your bvn name and details will be displayed on your screen. Like I said earlier, copy your details down or save that page for future use.

I bet I’ve answered your question on how to check my bvn name using the bvn portal method which involves to check bvn details through online.


  • Most convenient way to check the name on my bvn
  • Faster and 24/7 available


  • It isn’t for free

Now moving onto the next.

2. Check bvn details by going to the bank

This is the last method to how to check the name on my bvn or any other details like date of birth or phone number used in registering the bvn.

How to check my bvn name?

For this method, you’ll have to go to your bank and it must not be the bank you registered your bvn. Go to the bank with your ID and your bank verification number.

They are important cause the bank will require this two things from you.

On getting to the bank, move straight to the bank customer service section and request to see your bank verification details (bvn details).

Using your bvn, the bank will run a check on it and will give your bvn details. They will print it out for you and it is all for free unless maybe it differs from bank to bank.

How to check my bvn name?

Kindly go to bank and you will have your bvh details printed out for you.

With this you can attain if there’s a mistake made on your name, name arrangement or your date of birth.


  • The bank will help you with what to do next if there’s a mistake found on your bank verification number
  • Your bvn details will be printed out for you


  • It can be time consuming going to the bank especially in this period of coronavirus and lockdown

For me, going to the bank to check name on bvn will be lot helpful as the bank will give you directives if any mistake is found on your bank verification number.

If there’s another method or way to check bvn name, I won’t hesitate to post it here for you guys.

With all said here, I do hope I’ve answered the question on how to check my bvn name and other details.

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This is where i round it on how to check my bvn name, all I’ve said here are the only answers to the question but I can assure you that I will update this post with new updates.

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