Detailed Guide On How to Open Account Online With Guaranty Trust Bank[Gtbank]

Detailed guide on how to open account online with Guaranty Trust Bank(gtbank) 

As online banking is spreading throughout the country, Guaranty Trust Bank  has made it possible for you to open a account online with gtbank . 

You think this is not possible right? But the fact is it very possible and you will even get your account number. 

Let me give you details on how this is done with gtbank. When you want to create or open an account with any bank of your choice, you will be given a form to fill.

After filling the form with all your details required, you will have to submit it to the bank customer service. 

Opening account online with gtbank is the same as going to the bank to open a bank account. After filling the form and submitting it, you will be given your bank account number and you start banking with them. 

How to Open Account Online With Guaranty Trust Bank(gtbank)

To open account online with gtbank, please make sure every requirements is with you. Below is how to do it ;

  • First go to gtbank online account
  • You will see Account Opening Web Engine with details to fill in.
  • Please carefully input your valid information. If you want savings or current account, select it in the drop down.
  • If you have a BVN number don’t forget to input your own and click validate.
  • Add your surname, first name and middle name. Mobile number, valid email address and select your location.
  • And click continue.


Note if your name matches with other gtbank customer, you can’t go further but have go to the bank. 

If your name didn’t match with any gtbank customer, you will proceed and see this page. 

Detailed Guide On How to Open Account Online With Guaranty Trust Bank

Carefully fill in your details without making a mistake especially your name, phone number, address.

  • After completing your bio data, click continue.
  • You get to your personal details and here you have input your identity. If you have voters card, international passport, NYSC ID card, student ID card, drivers license etc select it.
  • You will also require to input the card number and validity period, so you have to use a valid card.
  • After completing all the details in the personal details, make sure everything is correct and click continue.
  • You will get to ways to the bank and accept everything there.
  • From there you get to authorization and documentation and finally confirmation.
  • There you will get your gtbank account number and you are good to go. But please after everything, go to the bank to fully confirm your account with them before starting any money transaction.

After confirming your account with Guaranty Trust Bank, then you can start your money transaction with them. 

Save yourself the stress and open account online with Guaranty Trust Bank(gtbank) with these procedures. Please don’t forget to share this post in appreciation thanks.

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