Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria – How Profitable It is

Laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria and how profitable it is is a question we do ask and this post covers every aspect of this business. 

Laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria and how profitable it is

First i must tell you that laundry and dry cleaning business is not a poor man’s business as some people or novice might think because cost of starting up the business isn’t something of #100,000 Naira at the moment. See i tell you that you can make millions from laundry business but on the long run, don’t expect to start the business in January 2017 and by August or September of same year to be making millions No.

As people are hustling for money in this country, taking up to two jobs in a day or  having a tight schedule, washing of clothes might be difficult with Sundays being the only free day even though some people do work on Sundays too. Some will say dry cleaning business booms in a busy state but hey i don’t believe that for a bit but as long as competition is very low in your location, in as much the state you are living in, you will make it.
Again you might think that it is an easy business to go into without having a little knowledge of it after all is all about laundry hmmmmm when that very customer tells you that you are not trying for a bit, your service is too poor, you have destroyed his or her clothes  etc then you will know that you should have full knowledge about laundry and dry cleaning business.

Starting Laundry and Dry cleaning Business in Nigeria

For you to boom in this business, you must follow the steps below;

1. Create a Business Plan For Your Business

If you want to succeed in any business, you must plan very well and poor planning can lead to loss of money or down fall of your business. Before starting laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria, you must ask yourself this question.
>>> What is this business all about
>>> How to well do i know about this business
>>> Who is my ideal customer for this business
>>> Which environment or best location for this business
>>> How much capital do i need to start up this business
>>> If i borrow to start up this laundry and dry cleaning business will i be able to make as many profit so as to be able to pay up.
>>> The location to which i want to start up this business will it fetch enough Customers and to make huge profits so as to pay monthly or yearly dues for my shop or store.
>>> What are the required equipments for laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria.
>>> How will i charge my Customers for job done.
You should think about these things before concluding that for sure you will start laundry and dry cleaning business. See i tell you, location of your business plays a huge important role because you might have the capital, large office or your house but due to poor location you will not make it at all.

2. Getting all the Required Equipments Ready for your Laundry and dry cleaning business

>>>First you should get shop and i will recommend you not to pay for 2 years rent but rather one year. Reason is because if the location isn’t performing you can look for another place. But you can as well use your house for this.
>>> Second is to get a washing machine. There’s a lot of good washing machine in the market with Thermocool and LG being the best, you can check them here and make your choice. But try and go for bigger size for better laundry.
>>> Get a Generator for your Laundry and dry cleaning business. As epileptic power supply continues, you can’t rely on electricity power supply for this type of business. You must get a generator for it, a generator that can power your washing machine and irons. To get a good quality generator for your business check here.
>>>> Get a Pressing Iron, steaming iron and ordinary iron . You can get best iron for laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria here
>>> A shelve for the clothes and at least two tables.
>>>  Buckets, brush, hangers and cleaning detergent. You can get these three items with N5000 or N7000
>>> Dryer to dry the clothes. Check Here for best dryers for this business. Please try differentiate hair dryer, nail dryer and dryer for clothes.

You don’t need to ask prices for the Equipments as it is already there. After getting all of them ready, next is to start your business. At first  start it is just and with the way things are going will make you consider getting a helping hand for your business.

But you must know that you have to make your Laundry and dry cleaning known to people, people should know that such thing exist in their area and for you to be able to do it, you have to do the following.

1. Get a brand name for your business.

2. Put up a sign board or a banner of your Laundry and dry cleaning business.

3. Tell friends and families about it.

4. Create a Business card and share to people, go to banks within you and give the bankers your business cards.

5. Try your best and give good services to your customer(s), they will come back and same time talk good about your business.

If you can do social media advertising fine, it will also help and reach out to people too.

How Profitable is laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria

Okay let me give you this insight. I made an inquiry from a family friend who runs this business and been into it for the past 4 years told me that he makes more than N50k a day, mind you he isn’t on large scale yet. But that’s a real huge profits even with the cost of running the  business on daily basis.
To start laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria, you will require to have up to 300,000 – 400,000 Naira(depends on the location or state)  but if you are too serious you will make more than that amount in a year. If you are already into this business please share your experience here and if you have questions or recommendations please state it on the comment box thanks.

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