Detailed Guideline On Gtbank Internet Banking Registration And Login

Gtbank is one of the popular and strong bank in Nigeria which helps Gtbank customers to perform transaction online through gtbank internet banking website. 

Detailed Guideline On Gtbank Internet Banking Registration And Login

I’ve always recommend internet banking to all bank account holders as it helps to perform money transfer or transaction faster and at your convenience time without any stress.

Also when it comes to online/internet banking in Nigeria, gtbank is one of the best and also one of the fastest though recently their servers is overloaded and sometimes one might experience server not available.

If you are one of Gtbank account holder and would like to create or register for gtbank internet banking below is the procedure and benefits.


1. 24/7 available which enables you to perform money transfer or transaction during midnight.
2. Able to transfer money at your comfort home or working place.
3. Easy Access to bank information and products.

Gtbank Internet Banking Registration Procedure

1. Go to a guaranty trust bank(gtbank) and meet any of their customer service and request for online or internet banking form.
2. They will issue the form for you to fill. Fill all the necessary and required details like to provide your GTBank account number & name, your email address, the accounts to be profiled for internet banking, the internet banking services to be profiled on your accounts etc
3. Submit it back to the customer service and he/she will go through it.
4. Once your registration has been approved, your account will be profiled and your credentials will be sent to your account’s email address.

How To Get or Change Your GTBank Internet Banking User ID and Password

1. After the registration and the bank confirming your registration, your gtbank internet banking id and password will be sent to your email and to which you will be required to change it within a space of two hours(2hrs).
2. But sometimes you might not receive the id and password to your email, and what you have to do is to go to Gtbank website and click on online banking /internet banking and click on Register. Fill in your username and password.

How to Login to Gtbank Online/Internet banking with ID and Password

1.After you have changed your Gtbank ID and password, next is to login to your gtbank internet banking.
2. Go to Gtbank website and click on Internet banking, click login and enter your id and password.
3. If successfully logged in, you will see your GTBank internet banking dashboard where you can check your account balance, transfer money, pay bills etc
And this is how to register for gtbank internet banking and also login to your gtbank online banking or mobile banking.

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