Guide To Open GTBank Domiciliary Account

Are you confused on how to open a domiciliary account with guaranty trust bank, , in this post, i will educate you on how to open Gtbank domiciliary account in Nigeria. But mind you this doesn’t entail just with them, but other banks in Nigeria.


Guide To Open GTBank Domiciliary Account


What is Domiciliary Account

Domiciliary account is a type of current account which operates in a foreign currency, which could be US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euro.
Domi account is an account that enables you to fund in foreign currency and can be used for business transactions.

Importance of Domiciliary Account

1. The number one importance of domiciliary account is that it operates in foreign currency which helps people to obtain money in a foreign currency like dollar, Pounds and Euro.
2. Domiciliary account helps one to transact international business faster.
3. Though we have PayPal, with domiciliary account, you can easily transfer money to your family or friends abroad through Internet banking.
Gtbank is one of the banks that i will recommend to people that wants to open a domiciliary account. To open a domiciliary account with Gtbank is so easy than any other banks in Nigeria, and the cost is not high.

Requirements to open a domiciliary account with Gtbank

The following are the requirements to open Gtbank domiciliary account and this not only involves guaranty trust bank but also to all banks in Nigeria. 

Identification Card – this is  your driver’s licence or international passport or national identity card.
2 passport Photos  – two recently taken passport photographs are need
2 Referees – two persons that would serve as referee and fill each of the two reference forms that will be issued to you are required. Both referees need to have a current account each preferably with GTbank to facilitate opening of the account.
Copy of NEPA/PHCN Bill – photocopy of your utility bill issued in not more than three months ago is required. PHCN bill, telephone bill, sanitary bill or Water bill; any one of them can serve.
Little Amount of Money – before the domiciliary account will be activated, you need to deposit a minimum of 100 dollars into the account.
Guide To Open GTBank Domiciliary Account

How to Open Gtbank Domiciliary Account with Gtbank

Having the requirements available with you, this is detailed guide to open Gtbank domiciliary account right here in Nigeria. 

>>> With the above ready, head to any Gtbank branch near you, approach their customer service and tell them that you want to open a domiciliary account.
>>> Sometimes it is good to have a Gtbank savings account before opening a domi account with them.
And if you don’t have an account with them, they might ask you to open one and same time with the domiciliary account.
>>> After that, you will be given a foreign currency account opening form, specimen signature card, two reference forms for you and your referee to fill.
>>> If your two referees are with you, they are required to sign on the form, but if they are not with you then you have no option but to take it home.
Note your referees must have current account with Gtbank.
>>> After proper filling of the forms, go back to GTbank and submitted the forms.
>>>  Within 48hours, you will receive an SMS from them informing you that your domiciliary account has been open with your account number.
>>> Please, once you receive the SMS; go back again to the bank and deposit $ 100 into account to activate your new domiciliary account.

Problem that associate with opening domiciliary account with Gtbank

The two referees must have a Gtbank current account. It is easier to get gtbank customer with savings account than with current account, making it difficult to create a domiciliary account with Gtbank.
In this case, people tends to ask the bankers working in gtbank to help or assist them and this a time requires a token from the customer to be able to have a referees.
So this is how to open Gtbank domiciliary  account (Guaranty Trust Bank) and don’t forget to use the share buttons below and share with your family and friends.

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